Fantasy Football Update: Will Breece Hall Play on Monday Night?fantasyfootball,BreeceHall,MondayNight,update,play
Fantasy Football Update: Will Breece Hall Play on Monday Night?

Fantasy Football Update: Will Breece Hall Play on Monday Night?

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Fantasy Football Dilemma: To Start or Not to Start Breece Hall?

The Return of a Promising Star

Last October, Breece Hall, a rising star in the world of football, suffered a knee injury that left his future uncertain. As fantasy football owners eagerly awaited updates on his recovery, there were doubts about when he would be able to return and whether he could regain his previous form after a torn ACL. However, Hall has defied expectations by making a triumphant return to the practice field, displaying impressive progress. Now, his next big test awaits him in the Jets’ season opener against the Buffalo Bills on Monday night.

A Fantasy Conundrum

While Hall’s test will be on the field, fantasy football owners face a challenging decision off it: whether to start him or not. The Jets possess a loaded running back room, and Hall himself has declared it to be home to the best duo in the league. While this is undoubtedly a positive development for the Jets in real life, it presents a dilemma for fantasy owners. Fantasy football is a game that rewards selfishness and ball hogs, making it less favorable for players who are part of duos or trios. Therefore, the decision to start Hall becomes a complex one, as owners weigh the risks of his possible limited opportunities against his potential to shine.

Optimism and Uncertainty

Optimism surrounding Hall’s return has been growing, especially after he had a full practice on Saturday leading up to Week 1. However, fantasy owners might not share the same sentiment. Prior to his injury, Hall appeared destined to be a strong candidate for Rookie of the Year. But the Jets’ addition of Dalvin Cook to their running back room has muddied the waters, casting doubt on what Hall’s role and workload will be.

In terms of rankings, SN Fantasy places Hall at No. 17 in PPR and No. 15 in standard formats, suggesting that he is still worthy of a starting spot despite the uncertain circumstances. However, the advice comes with a caveat, as there is a lack of clarity regarding Hall’s workload. Jets coach Robert Saleh has not provided specifics on how much he plans to utilize Hall, stating, “We have a plan. But what the plan is could be more, could be less. We have an idea of what we want to get done.”

A Cautious Approach and Potential Surprises

Given Hall’s significant knee injury and the Jets’ comfortable position with Cook in their ranks, it is likely that the team will ease Hall into the season. This cautious approach is understandable and allows the Jets to protect Hall’s long-term health while still benefiting from his talents. However, this also means that fantasy owners should temper their expectations for Hall’s production in the early weeks of the season.

There is also the possibility of a surprise development. While Hall is expected to play on Monday night, there is still a level of uncertainty that cannot be overlooked. If he ends up being a surprise inactive, Cook would receive a substantial boost in terms of fantasy upside, as he would only have to contend with Michael Carter for carries. However, finding a suitable replacement for Hall in your lineup could prove challenging, as options outside of the Jets’ running back room may be limited.

Advice for Fantasy Owners

When it comes to the decision of whether to start or sit Breece Hall on Monday night, there are a few key factors to consider:

1. Assess the Risk and Expectations

Fantasy owners should be aware of the risks associated with starting Hall. Despite his immense talent, there is uncertainty surrounding his workload and how the Jets plan to ease him into the season. Temper your expectations accordingly and be prepared for a potentially limited role, at least in the early weeks.

2. Evaluate Your Roster Depth

Consider the alternatives available in your roster. If Hall were to be a surprise inactive, you may be left with limited options to replace him. Assess if you have any viable insurance options, such as Dalvin Cook or a running back from the Buffalo Bills’ roster, to mitigate the potential loss.

3. Keep Updated on the Latest News

Fantasy football is a fluid game influenced by real-life developments. Stay informed about any updates regarding Hall’s status leading up to the game. Follow trusted sources and pay attention to official injury reports and practice reports, as they can provide valuable insights.

In conclusion, the decision to start Breece Hall in your fantasy lineup ultimately depends on your risk appetite and roster composition. While there are uncertainties surrounding Hall’s workload, his talent and potential make him a worthwhile starter, albeit with some limitations at the moment. Fantasy owners should approach his return with cautious optimism, and be prepared to adapt as the season progresses.


Fantasy Football Update: Will Breece Hall Play on Monday Night?
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