Should Fantasy Football Managers Trust Jahmyr Gibbs in Week 1?fantasyfootball,managers,JahmyrGibbs,Week1,trust
Should Fantasy Football Managers Trust Jahmyr Gibbs in Week 1?

Should Fantasy Football Managers Trust Jahmyr Gibbs in Week 1?

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## Start or Sit: Jahmyr Gibbs in Week 1 Fantasy Football

**By Pete Hernandez | Sep 7, 2023**

The Detroit Lions will be entering their Week 1 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs with a new weapon in their backfield, rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs. As fantasy football managers, the question arises: should we start or sit Gibbs in our lineups? In this analysis, we will break down Gibbs’ fantasy football outlook and provide our recommendation based on different league formats.

### Background and Potential Impact

Jahmyr Gibbs was selected as the 12th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, with high expectations for his skills to contribute to the Lions’ offense. He had a successful collegiate career, playing three seasons with Georgia Tech and Alabama. In his final season with the Crimson Tide, Gibbs recorded 151 carries for 926 yards and seven touchdowns, averaging an impressive 6.1 yards per carry.

### Start in PPR Leagues

For fantasy managers in PPR leagues, starting Gibbs in Week 1 is an enticing option. The Chiefs defense allowed the most receptions to running backs in the league last year, making it a favorable matchup for Gibbs. Additionally, the Lions ranked in the top 12 in targets to running backs last season, indicating a significant role for Gibbs in the passing game.

In leagues with eight to ten teams, Gibbs should be viewed as a potential RB2 or flex option. His skill set and the favorable matchup against the Chiefs make him a confident addition to your lineup. In larger leagues with more than 12 teams, where running backs are scarce, starting Gibbs can be justified if other reliable options are not available.

### Sit in Standard Leagues

In standard leagues, where pass-catching is not as highly rewarded as in PPR leagues, the recommendation is to sit Gibbs in Week 1. With established veteran David Montgomery in the backfield, Gibbs will likely split carries on the ground. While he may surpass Montgomery in touches, the lack of passing game involvement limits his potential for fantasy production. In leagues with eight to ten teams, there is no need to start Gibbs based on potential alone. In larger leagues, he should only be considered if there are no other reliable options on your roster.

### Alternative Options

If you are looking for running backs with high PPR value, alternatives such as Joe Mixon, Najee Harris, or Breece Hall present more confident options for Week 1. These players have established roles within their teams, providing a sense of security for fantasy managers. While Gibbs possesses upside due to his youth and the potential of the Lions’ offense, the competition for touches and uncertainty surrounding his usage makes these alternatives more appealing choices.

In conclusion, the decision to start or sit Jahmyr Gibbs in Week 1 ultimately depends on your league format and roster depth. In PPR leagues, starting Gibbs is recommended given the favorable matchup against the Chiefs’ defense. However, in standard leagues, it is best to explore other options with established roles. As with any fantasy football decision, it is crucial to consider the individual nuances of your league and make a choice that aligns with your team’s needs and goals.


Should Fantasy Football Managers Trust Jahmyr Gibbs in Week 1?
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