Assessing Amon-Ra St. Brown's Potential Impact in the 2023 NFL SeasonAmon-RaSt.Brown,NFL,2023season,potentialimpact,widereceiver,rookie,draftprospect
Assessing Amon-Ra St. Brown's Potential Impact in the 2023 NFL Season

Assessing Amon-Ra St. Brown’s Potential Impact in the 2023 NFL Season

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Amon-Ra St. Brown’s Potential Impact in the 2023 NFL Season

The upcoming 2023 NFL season has generated considerable excitement, and one player who has garnered a lot of attention is the Detroit Lions’ wide receiver, Amon-Ra St. Brown. After an impressive rookie campaign in the 2022 season, where St. Brown recorded career highs in targets, catches, yards, and touchdowns, fans and bettors alike are eagerly anticipating his performance in the upcoming season. St. Brown’s chances of leading the league in receptions have particularly caught the attention of many, with significant action being placed on this prop.

St. Brown’s 2022 Season Performance

During the 2022 season, Amon-Ra St. Brown showcased his potential as a top-tier wide receiver. Despite being a fourth-round pick in the 2021 draft, he managed to impress with 106 catches, ranking seventh in the NFL. Notably, St. Brown achieved this despite missing one game, making his numbers even more impressive when compared to the receivers ahead of him who played all 17 regular-season games. Minnesota’s Justin Jefferson, who topped the league with 128 catches and won Offensive Player of the Year, is a strong contender to repeat his success in the 2023 season.

Betting Action and Expectations

Looking ahead to the 2023 season, St. Brown’s odds to win the reception title have been adjusted from +2000 at the start to +1100 currently. Moreover, a significant 33% of the money wagered on this prop has gone toward St. Brown, making him the most bet on player in the NFL. This level of confidence in the young receiver’s abilities is a testament to the impression he left during his rookie season.

Factors Favoring Amon-Ra St. Brown

Several factors contribute to the optimism surrounding Amon-Ra St. Brown’s potential impact in the 2023 season. Firstly, his standout performance in the 2022 season indicates that he has the skills and talent to compete at the highest level. Despite not being a huge red-zone target due to his height, St. Brown was only a few yards away from double-digit touchdowns last season. He also consistently found himself in favorable scoring positions, being tackled at the 1-yard line multiple times. With improved red-zone efficiency, St. Brown has the potential to become a significant scoring threat for the Lions.

Additionally, the Lions’ wide receiver corps is relatively thin due to Jameson Williams’ gambling suspension for the first six games of the season. This absence may result in St. Brown receiving an increased number of targets, further bolstering his chances of leading the league in receptions. Moreover, the presence of two skill position rookies, running back Jahmyr Gibbs and tight end Sam LaPorta, may lead to increased reliance on St. Brown as Jared Goff’s go-to option.

SportsLine Projection and Advice

According to the SportsLine Projection Model, Amon-Ra St. Brown is forecasted to record 5.6 catches, 59 yards, and 0.33 touchdowns in Thursday night’s 2023 season kickoff against the Kansas City Chiefs. While this projection provides a glimpse into St. Brown’s potential performance, it is important to note that actual game outcomes can often differ. Furthermore, predicting a player’s performance over an entire season is challenging and subject to various factors such as injuries, matchups, and game plans.

For bettors and fantasy football enthusiasts, considering St. Brown in the context of his value and potential role within the Lions’ offense is crucial. While his odds and betting action indicate high expectations, caution should be exercised when placing wagers or making roster decisions solely based on these projections. Closer analysis of the team’s dynamics, injury reports, and historical data should inform decision-making.


Amon-Ra St. Brown’s performance as a rookie has ignited significant anticipation for his sophomore season in the NFL. The high level of betting action placed on his chances of leading the league in receptions reflects the confidence in his abilities. However, the outcome of the 2023 season remains uncertain, and it is important to consider a diverse range of factors when evaluating St. Brown’s potential impact. Ultimately, his success will depend on the Lions’ offensive strategies, his chemistry with quarterback Jared Goff, and his ability to overcome any challenges that may arise throughout the season.


Assessing Amon-Ra St. Brown
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