The Future of Iowa's Offense: Exploring Brian Ferentz's Departurewordpress,Iowa,offense,BrianFerentz,departure,future
The Future of Iowa's Offense: Exploring Brian Ferentz's Departure

The Future of Iowa’s Offense: Exploring Brian Ferentz’s Departure

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Brian Ferentz Will Not Return as Iowa’s Offensive Coordinator in 2024, per Report

October 30, 2023

The Struggles of Iowa‘s Offense

In a surprising development, Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz, son of Hawkeyes football coach Kirk Ferentz, is not expected to return to his role with the program for the 2024 season, according to a report by David Eickholt of HawkeyeInsider. Ferentz has been serving as the team’s offensive coordinator since 2017.

The decision to part ways with Ferentz comes amidst ongoing struggles for Iowa‘s offense. Currently, the team ranks No. 118 out of 130 teams in scoring offense, averaging only 19.5 points per contest this season. This poor performance has persisted over the past two seasons, with the team placing 123rd out of 131 FBS teams in 2022 and sitting at 99th out of 130 programs in 2021.

The University’s Expectations and Mandate

It is worth noting that the university’s leadership has set a clear mandate for the offense. Prior to the 2023 season, Iowa was given the directive to score at least 25 points per game, including in postseason bowl games, through offense, special teams, or defense. Failing to meet this requirement would have consequences for the coaching staff, including Ferentz. Despite this expectation, Iowa has only managed to score 25 or more points twice this season, in victories against Western Michigan (41–10) and Michigan State (26–16).

Contract Restructuring and Nepotism Policy

Before the start of this season, the university restructured Ferentz’s contract, implementing a $50,000 deduction. However, if the program were to meet the scoring mandate set by the university, known as the “Drive to 325,” Ferentz would revert to his original two-year contract. It is important to note that, as part of the school’s nepotism policy, Ferentz reports to interim athletic director Beth Goetz instead of his father, the head coach.

Looking Ahead

This unexpected change in coaching personnel brings significant implications for Iowa‘s football program. With Ferentz’s departure, the team will need to carefully consider their options for finding a new offensive coordinator who can effectively address the team’s scoring deficiencies.

Iowa‘s leadership has a crucial decision to make in selecting a replacement. The new offensive coordinator will need to have a strong understanding of the team’s strengths and weaknesses, and possess the strategic acumen to devise an offensive game plan that can consistently generate points. Furthermore, they will need to foster strong communication with the players, maximize their potential, and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of college football.

Philosophical Discussion: The Role of Coaches

Coaches play a fundamental role in shaping a team’s identity and success. They are responsible for designing tactical strategies, selecting personnel, and inspiring players to reach their full potential. However, success in coaching is not solely determined by wins and losses; it also hinges on the ability to adapt and evolve.

In the case of Brian Ferentz, his departure as Iowa‘s offensive coordinator is a reflection of the team’s ongoing offensive struggles. While it is tempting to solely attribute these struggles to one individual, it is important to recognize that the responsibility for a team’s success or failure should not rest solely on the shoulders of the coordinator. Football is a complex sport that requires the collective effort of players, coaches, and the entire organization to achieve sustainable success.

As the search for a new offensive coordinator begins, it is crucial for Iowa‘s leadership to carefully evaluate the attributes and qualities they seek in a candidate. The next offensive coordinator should not only possess a deep understanding of football strategy, but also possess the ability to connect with and motivate players. Additionally, a forward-thinking approach that embraces innovative offensive concepts, while also harnessing the team’s unique strengths, should be prioritized.


Brian Ferentz’s departure as Iowa‘s offensive coordinator marks a significant moment for the football program. It presents an opportunity for the team to reassess and realign their offensive strategy in order to overcome their scoring challenges. The selection of a new coordinator will play a vital role in the team’s future success and will require careful consideration by the university’s leadership. Ultimately, the success of the team will rely on a collaborative effort between the coaching staff, players, and the entire organization.


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