Rock Legends Creed Set to Reunite for Highly Anticipated 2024 Tourrocklegends,creed,reunion,2024tour
Rock Legends Creed Set to Reunite for Highly Anticipated 2024 Tour

Rock Legends Creed Set to Reunite for Highly Anticipated 2024 Tour

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Creed Announces Reunion Tour After Over a Decade


After a long hiatus, Creed, the popular American rock band, has announced a 40-city North American tour set to take place in 2024. This tour will mark the band’s first time hitting the road together in over a decade, and it comes as a result of overwhelming fan demand. The “Summer of ’99” tour, produced by Live Nation, will kick off on July 17, 2024, and run through September 28. The majority of the tour will feature 3 Doors Down as direct support, with other acts such as Daughtry, Switchfoot, Tonic, and Big Wreck joining Creed on select dates. Finger Eleven will open all dates on the reunion run.


Creed rose to prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s with hits like “One,” “Higher,” “With Arms Wide Open,” and “My Sacrifice.” Their second album, “Human Clay,” released in 1999, sold over 11.7 million copies to date. However, the band members – Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips – decided to part ways in 2012 and pursue separate projects.

During their hiatus, Tremonti released a holiday album, “Christmas Classics New & Old,” and Stapp worked on his fourth solo album, “Higher Power,” which is set to be released in March 2024. Despite their individual pursuits, the members of Creed maintained a strong bond, and the overwhelming demand from their fans prompted them to consider a reunion.

The Reunion

In July, Creed announced their first shows together in 12 years as headliners of the “Summer of ’99” cruise, scheduled for April 18-22, 2024. Due to the high demand, a second cruise was added for the following weekend, and both trips quickly sold out. Building on this success, the band decided to extend their reunion by embarking on a North American tour.

Frontman Scott Stapp expressed his excitement and confidence in the band’s reunion, stating, “I feel like I’m as strong as I’ve ever been vocally, and looking forward to sharing the stage with the guys again.” The response from fans made it clear to the band that a reunion was long overdue, and they are determined to deliver a memorable experience to their loyal supporters.

Tour Details and Festivals

The “Summer of ’99” tour will feature a lineup of supporting acts such as 3 Doors Down (on most dates), Daughtry, Switchfoot, Tonic, and Big Wreck (on select dates). The tour will kick off in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on July 17, and conclude in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on September 28. Along the way, the band will also headline the inaugural “Summer of ’99 and Beyond Festival” in San Bernardino, California, on August 31. This festival will feature openers from various legs of the tour, as well as special guests.

Philosophical Discussion

Creed‘s reunion tour raises interesting questions about the role of nostalgia and the value of revisiting past successes. When a band decides to reunite after a significant hiatus, it often evokes a mix of emotions from both fans and critics. On the one hand, fans eagerly anticipate the chance to relive cherished memories and experience the music that formed a significant part of their lives. On the other hand, critics argue that reunions can be seen as mere cash grabs or attempts to recapture former glory.

In the case of Creed, it appears that the reunion is driven by a genuine desire to connect with fans and celebrate their shared musical history. The overwhelming response to their initial cruise announcement, as well as the quick sellout of the additional cruise, shows that fans still have a deep appreciation for the band’s music. The members of Creed have also made efforts to engage with their fans through various projects during their hiatus, further solidifying their bond and keeping their music relevant.


Creed‘s reunion tour serves as a testament to the enduring power of rock music and the impact it can have on people’s lives. While the band may have faced its share of criticism and controversies over the years, it is clear that their music resonated deeply with a large audience. The fact that fans have eagerly awaited their return shows that the emotional connection created by their music has not diminished over time.

Creed‘s decision to embark on a reunion tour should be seen as a positive development for both the band and its fans. It allows the band members to come together and showcase their talents once again, while also giving fans a chance to relive the nostalgia and excitement of their earlier years. Furthermore, the addition of supporting acts and the creation of a festival demonstrate a commitment to providing a diverse and enriching experience for concert-goers.


For fans who have been eagerly awaiting Creed‘s reunion, this tour presents a unique opportunity to reconnect with the band and relive cherished memories. It is advisable to secure tickets as soon as possible, as demand is expected to be high. Attending a concert or festival can be a transformative experience, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the music and create new memories that will stay with them for years to come.

For the band members, this reunion tour represents a chance to rediscover the magic and camaraderie that made Creed so successful in the first place. They should approach this opportunity with a sense of gratitude and humility, recognizing the impact their music has had on their fans’ lives and the responsibility they have to deliver an exceptional performance.

In conclusion, Creed‘s reunion tour is a welcome development for fans eager to once again experience the band’s powerful and emotive rock music. The tour serves as a reminder of the enduring appeal of their music and the lasting impact they have had on the rock genre.


Rock Legends Creed Set to Reunite for Highly Anticipated 2024 Tour
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