The Resurgence of New Kids on the Block: 2024 Tour Dates and Ticket Information Revealednewkidsontheblock,2024tour,tourdates,ticketinformation
The Resurgence of New Kids on the Block: 2024 Tour Dates and Ticket Information Revealed

The Resurgence of New Kids on the Block: 2024 Tour Dates and Ticket Information Revealed

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New Kids on the Block’s 2024 Tour: A Journey Through Nostalgia

The Magic Summer Tour Reimagined

Multiplatinum pop sensations New Kids on the Block are set to bring the Magic Summer Tour back to life in 2024, captivating fans both old and new. The iconic band, composed of members Donnie, Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, and Danny, will be accompanied by special guests Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff as they embark on a journey across 40 cities, including Phoenix. The tour, produced by Live Nation, kicks off on June 14, 2024, and promises to be a summer filled with fun and nostalgia.

A Blast from the Past

The original Magic Summer Tour took place in 1990, when New Kids on the Block were at the height of their success. The tour featured multiple nights at prominent venues such as Foxboro Stadium, Dodgers Stadium, and Giants Stadium. Collaborating with renowned magician Harry Blackstone Jr., the band incorporated magic and illusions into their performances, earning them a magic award for their creative contributions. To recreate the memorable moments of that era, the band will be performing their greatest hits, unexpected fan favorites, and even some surprise songs.

The Power of Nostalgia

The announcement of the 2024 Magic Summer Tour has sparked excitement among both longtime fans and those who may have missed the band during their initial rise to fame. Nostalgia plays a significant role in our lives, invoking powerful emotions and transporting us back to moments that have shaped us. The return of New Kids on the Block offers an opportunity for fans to relive their teenage years or, for younger audiences, to experience the magic and energy of the band for the first time.

Music has the unique ability to form connections across generations. The New Kids’ music evokes memories and emotions that have stood the test of time. It serves as a reminder of youth, innocence, and the dreams we once held dear. Attending a New Kids on the Block concert allows fans to not only enjoy the music they love but also to be part of a collective experience that transcends time.

The True Magic of the Tour

Donnie Wahlberg, one of the band members, best encapsulates the essence of the tour. He stated, “The true ‘magic’ of this tour is in the music, the moments, and the memories that we get to create — and recreate — with our amazing fans each night.” For the New Kids, the tour is not just about performing their hits; it’s about connecting with their loyal fanbase and making new memories together. With a bond that has endured over the years, the reunion of the band and their fans promises to be a truly magical experience.

Tickets and Presale Information

How to Get Tickets to New Kids on the Block in Phoenix

The general on-sale for New Kids on the Block’s 2024 tour begins at 10 a.m. on Friday, November 3rd. Tickets can be purchased through This promises to be a highly sought-after event, so fans are advised to act quickly to secure their seats.

New Kids on the Block Presale Information

Fan club members and CITI cardholders will have the opportunity to purchase presale tickets. Fan club presales begin on Wednesday, November 1st, followed by CITI presales. CITI is the official card of the Magic Summer 2024 Tour and offers cardmembers early access to purchase tickets. The CITI presale runs from noon on Wednesday, November 1st, to 10 p.m. on Thursday, November 2nd, at

For those eager to secure their spots at the concert, the presale options provide a valuable opportunity. It’s advisable to sign up for the New Kids on the Block fan club or check if you are a CITI cardmember to take advantage of the presale ticket offerings.


The New Kids on the Block 2024 tour marks the return of an iconic pop phenomenon. For fans, it represents a chance to relive cherished memories and create new ones with a band that has become a cultural touchstone. The power of music to evoke nostalgia and unite different generations is a testament to the enduring impact of artists like New Kids on the Block. As the tour commences, fans will come together, singing along to the tunes that have accompanied and shaped their lives. The Magic Summer Tour promises to be a journey through the past, mixed with the excitement of the present, and a reminder of the importance of relishing the magical moments we create with music and with one another.

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The Resurgence of New Kids on the Block: 2024 Tour Dates and Ticket Information Revealed
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