The Rise of Immersive Tours: Catalan Association Explores Barça's Cutting-Edge Experiencewordpress,immersivetours,CatalanAssociation,Barça,cutting-edgeexperience
The Rise of Immersive Tours: Catalan Association Explores Barça's Cutting-Edge Experience

The Rise of Immersive Tours: Catalan Association Explores Barça’s Cutting-Edge Experience

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Visit to the Barça Immersive Tour by the Catalan Association for the Promotion of Deaf People (ACAPPS)

Promoting Accessibility and Inclusion

Last Wednesday, FC Barcelona took a significant step in promoting accessibility and inclusion by inviting volunteers from the Catalan Association for the Promotion of Deaf People (ACAPPS) to experience the Barça Immersive Tour. The purpose of this visit was to provide the ACAPPS volunteers with a first-hand understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with hearing loss and to evaluate the accessibility measures in place at the temporary Barça Museum. This collaboration is part of a larger effort by the Club’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Department to develop initiatives, projects, and services that cater to the needs of people with hearing loss and their families.

Technology as the Key to Accessibility

The Barça Immersive Tour currently offers several accessibility tools, including an audio induction loop at the reception desk, an audio guide, and video subtitles. Ariadna Cardelús, a member and volunteer at ACAPPS who visited the Museum, applauded these efforts, stating that the audio induction loop allowed her to communicate effectively and address any concerns before entering the exhibition. Once inside, she relied on the audio guide and video subtitles to fully enjoy her visit. For individuals like Ariadna, who lost her hearing at the age of 27, having these accessibility measures in place is crucial for independent communication.

The Importance of Genuine Feedback

The FC Barcelona Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Department recognizes that an inclusive society must acknowledge and address the diverse needs of its members. By seeking genuine feedback from its fans and visitors, particularly those with specific hearing-related requirements, the Club aims to continuously improve its accessibility efforts. Ariadna’s positive experience highlights the significance of organizations actively involving individuals with disabilities in the decision-making process. She expressed gratitude for being asked for her opinion and hopes that other organizations will follow suit.

Barça‘s Commitment to Accessibility

Visualfy Program and Barça Innovation Hub

FC Barcelona has been dedicated to improving accessibility through various ongoing initiatives. One example is their involvement with the Visualfy program at the OAB office, a startup company specializing in technological solutions for individuals with hearing and visual impairments. FC Barcelona’s innovation and knowledge platform, Barça Innovation Hub, is actively contributing to the development of these solutions, further emphasizing the Club’s dedication to accessibility.

The Reality of Hearing Loss in Catalonia

Numbers Speak for Themselves

According to statistics from the National Survey of Health (INE), approximately 272,300 individuals in Catalonia are registered as having hearing loss. Additionally, the Commission for the Early Detection of Hearing Problems reports that around 2,500 families in Spain have a child born with deafness each year. These numbers provided by ACAPPS shed light on the real situation faced by individuals with hearing loss, and FC Barcelona’s commitment to recognizing diversity in all its forms motivates the Club to actively address these issues.

Editorial: The Importance of Accessibility and Inclusion

Paving the Way for Positive Change

The visit to the Barça Immersive Tour by the ACAPPS volunteers serves as a reminder of the power of accessibility and inclusion. While significant progress has been made in recent years, there is still work to be done to ensure that every individual, regardless of disability, can fully participate in society. It is commendable that FC Barcelona has taken the lead in this endeavor, partnering with organizations like ACAPPS and actively seeking feedback from individuals with disabilities. By collaborating and listening to diverse voices, we can create a more inclusive world for everyone.

Rethinking Accessibility in the Digital Age

Technology has proven to be a game-changer when it comes to accessibility. As demonstrated by the Barça Immersive Tour, audio induction loops, audio guides, and video subtitles enable individuals with hearing loss to fully engage with their surroundings. It is essential for all organizations, not just sports clubs, to invest in and utilize these technological solutions to make their spaces and digital platforms more accessible. By doing so, we can bridge the communication gap and create a world where everyone can participate on an equal footing.

Advice for Organizations: Embrace Inclusion and Accessibility

Listen and Learn

If there is one lesson to be learned from FC Barcelona’s collaboration with ACAPPS, it is the importance of listening to and learning from individuals with disabilities. By actively seeking feedback, organizations can gain valuable insights into the needs and challenges faced by different communities. This input should then be used to shape policies, services, and infrastructure that cater to diverse needs and promote inclusivity.

Invest in Technology

Technological advancements have opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to accessibility. Organizations should invest in and adopt technologies such as audio induction loops, audio guides, and video subtitles to make their spaces and digital platforms more inclusive. By embracing technology, organizations can create an environment where individuals with disabilities can fully participate and thrive.

Lead by Example

FC Barcelona’s dedication to accessibility sets a positive example for other organizations. Their commitment to recognizing diversity in all its forms, including hearing loss, sends a powerful message that everyone deserves equal opportunities. By taking the lead and actively working towards accessibility and inclusion, organizations can inspire others to follow suit and create a more inclusive society.


The Rise of Immersive Tours: Catalan Association Explores Barça
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