Unearthing the Treasures: The Enigmatic Taylor Swift Vault Track Titles on '1989 (Taylor's Version)'taylorswift,1989,taylor'sversion,vaulttracks,music,popmusic,album,tracktitles
Unearthing the Treasures: The Enigmatic Taylor Swift Vault Track Titles on '1989 (Taylor's Version)'

Unearthing the Treasures: The Enigmatic Taylor Swift Vault Track Titles on ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’

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Taylor Swift Reveals Vault Track Titles on ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’

The Scavenger Hunt and the Vault Tracks

Taylor Swift, known for her clever and secretive ways, recently engaged her fans in an internet scavenger hunt to uncover the track titles of the vault tracks on her upcoming re-record of her album1989.” The scavenger hunt involved unscrambling dozens of word clues on Google, with the promise that Swift would reveal the titles in return. On September 20, Swift delivered and shared four out of the five vault track titles: “Is It Over Now?,” “Now That We Don’t Talk,” “Say Don’t Go,” and “Suburban Legends.” The fifth track title is still a mystery for fans to decipher.

The Mystery of the 5th Vault Track

To add to the excitement, Swift’s team shared a clip teasing the fifth vault track, represented by the letters “T-S-!-U-L” emerging from a vault graphic. Fans immediately began speculating and debating what the word could spell, with some suggesting “slut!” or “lust!” as possibilities. It is worth noting that vault tracks are previously unreleased songs from the original album recording sessions.

The Role of Google in the Scavenger Hunt

Google played a significant role in this scavenger hunt, partnering with Swift to create an interactive experience for fans. When users searched “Taylor Swift” in the Google search bar, a blue vault would appear. By clicking on the vault, fans could solve one of the word puzzles. In total, there were 89 puzzles to solve. The goal was for fans to collectively solve 33 million puzzles, aligning with Swift’s age of 33, in order for her to reveal the track titles. Google promoted the campaign with a release stating, “Cause darling, we’re a Swiftie dressed like a search engine.”

Technical Glitches and Frustration

Unfortunately, some fans encountered technical glitches while attempting to participate in the scavenger hunt. Reports of the blue vault not appearing for some users began to surface on social media, leading to the trending hashtag #WheresTheVault. Several TODAY.com editors also experienced difficulties, and even after reaching out to Google for an explanation, they did not receive a response at the time of publication. However, Google did acknowledge the issue on Twitter, assuring fans that they were working to fix the problem.

Previous Teasers and the Re-Recording Journey

This is not the first time Taylor Swift has teased her fans with puzzles before revealing tracks from the vault. Prior to the release of her “Red (Taylor’s Version)” album, Swift shared a similar video with a puzzle for her followers. Swift’s decision to re-record her albums stems from the sale of her masters by Big Machine Records in 2019 to Scooter Braun. In response, Swift embarked on a mission to regain control over her music and announced her plans to re-record her first six albums. “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” is the latest installment in this re-recording journey.

The Significance of “1989” and the Vault Track Business

Swift expressed the immense impact “1989” had on her life and described it as her “FAVORITE” re-record. She also revealed that there would be five songs from the vault. Vault tracks, often referred to as songs left on the cutting room floor during the original album release, have become a consistent feature in Swift’s re-recordings. These tracks offer fans a unique opportunity to explore the creative process behind her music and discover hidden gems that were previously unheard.

Editorial Commentary: The Artistry of Taylor Swift’s Vault Tracks

Taylor Swift’s dedication to re-recording her albums and unveiling vault tracks provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of an artist whose growth and evolution are constantly unfolding. The inclusion of these previously unreleased songs not only offers fans a deeper connection to Swift’s music but also serves as a testament to her artistry and commitment to sharing her authentic self.

Vault tracks, often overlooked or deemed unsuitable for the original album release, hold a special allure for both artists and fans alike. They represent the creative process, where decisions about which songs make the final cut are made, and where hidden treasures often lie. By unveiling these tracks, Swift allows her audience to witness her artistic journey, providing context and insight into the music that shaped her.

In an era where streaming services and digital platforms dominate, the release of vault tracks adds a sense of intimacy and exclusivity to the listening experience. Fans become detectives, piecing together the puzzle of an artist’s creative process and discovering hidden gems that might have otherwise remained buried. For Swift, this interaction with her fans goes beyond traditional album releases, fostering a sense of community and shared exploration.

Advice: Embrace the Hunt and Unveil the Gems

For artists, especially those with a substantial catalog of music, embracing the concept of vault tracks can be an exciting opportunity to connect with fans on a deeper level. Sharing these previously unknown songs not only allows for a fresh perspective on existing albums but also gives fans a more comprehensive understanding of an artist’s growth and development.

Additionally, incorporating interactive elements, such as scavenger hunts or puzzles, can further engage fans and create a sense of anticipation and excitement. Utilizing digital platforms and partnering with technology companies, as Swift did with Google, can enhance the overall experience and make the unveiling of vault tracks a memorable event for fans.

As for fans, embracing the hunt for vault tracks can be a thrilling adventure. Delving into the creative process alongside an artist and uncovering hidden gems adds an extra layer of appreciation for the music. It becomes not just about consuming the final product but actively participating in the journey.

In conclusion, Taylor Swift’s reveal of the vault track titles on “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” demonstrates her commitment to her craft and her willingness to engage her fans in a unique and interactive way. The inclusion of vault tracks allows for a deeper understanding of an artist’s creative journey, and their release encourages fans to become active participants in unraveling the music‘s hidden treasures. Embracing such endeavors, both by artists and fans, can enrich the listening experience and foster a deeper connection between the two.


Unearthing the Treasures: The Enigmatic Taylor Swift Vault Track Titles on
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