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Escaping Freedom: The Unraveling of a Juvenile Detention Center

Escaping Freedom: The Unraveling of a Juvenile Detention Center

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All Teenagers From Berks County Juvenile Detention Center Escape Have Been Captured


All nine teenagers who escaped from the Abraxas Academy, a juvenile detention center near Morgantown, Pennsylvania, have been taken into custody, according to Pennsylvania state police. The escape occurred on Sunday night, and four of the teens surrendered early Monday morning after seeking refuge in a resident’s home. The remaining five teenagers stole a pickup truck with a trailer, but were quickly pursued by police and apprehended. None of the teenagers were injured during the incident.

Escape and Capture Details

The escape from Abraxas Academy is reported to have started when the nine male teenagers overpowered two female employees and took their keys. They then made their way out a side door and likely went under a fence to flee the facility. The teenagers, aged between 15 and 17, were on the run for several hours before being captured.

State Trooper David Beohm, who was involved in the apprehension, described the condition of the teenagers as dirty and exhausted. It appeared that they had been wandering in the woods for most of the night. The teenagers will be charged with escape, as well as any additional crimes they may have committed while on the run, including an alleged attempted car theft.

Background and Previous Incidents

Abraxas Academy, established in the 1970s, is described as a secure residential treatment and detention center for boys aged 14 to 18 years old. The facility admits teenagers for various reasons, including serious charges, repeated behavioral issues, or a history of sexual offenses.

This recent escape is the second significant incident at Abraxas Academy in a short period of time. In July, dozens of teenagers were involved in a riot that originated from a fight, but no escapes occurred during that incident. It took several hours for the authorities to regain control.

Editorial and Analysis

The escape from Abraxas Academy raises concerns about the security and safety measures in place at juvenile detention centers. While incidents like these are rare, they expose vulnerabilities within the system that should be addressed promptly. The fact that nine teenagers were able to overpower two employees and escape calls for a thorough investigation into the facility’s protocols and staff training.

Youth incarceration remains a complex issue that demands careful consideration. It is essential to strike a balance between ensuring public safety and providing opportunities for rehabilitation and growth for young individuals who have committed offenses. Facilities like Abraxas Academy must prioritize the successful reintegration of these teenagers into society and address the underlying issues that led to their placement in detention.

Additionally, it is worth examining the broader context of Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system and exploring alternatives that prioritize prevention, intervention, and community-based programs. Implementing measures that focus on addressing the root causes of delinquency and providing support to at-risk youth can potentially reduce the need for incarceration.


The capture of all nine escaped teenagers from Abraxas Academy brings an end to an alarming incident that highlights the need for improved security measures and protocols within juvenile detention centers. It is crucial to view this incident as an opportunity to reassess the effectiveness of current practices in preventing escapes and addressing the rehabilitation needs of incarcerated youth. By investing in preventive measures, intervention programs, and community support, society can work towards empowering young individuals and steering them away from a life of crime.


Escaping Freedom: The Unraveling of a Juvenile Detention Center
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