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Colorado Showdown: Where to Watch the State vs. Colorado Football Game Today

Colorado Showdown: Where to Watch the State vs. Colorado Football Game Today

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CSU Football: A Rivalry Showdown

September 16, 2023

The Highly Anticipated Rocky Mountain Showdown

The much-anticipated 2023 edition of the Rocky Mountain Showdown is finally here. This year, Deion Sanders and the top 25 Colorado football team will be hosting their rivals, Colorado State, at Folsom Field, with the Centennial Cup on the line. As fans eagerly await this clash, the question arises: where and how can one watch this exciting matchup?

TV Channel and Streaming Options

The Colorado State vs. Colorado game will be broadcasted on ESPN. However, due to the prior game running long, the kickoff between CSU and Colorado will begin on ESPNews and the ESPN app. For those who prefer to stream the game, it will be available on ESPN+.

TV Channel Guide

For those planning to watch on TV, here is where ESPN can be found:

  • DirecTV: Channel 206
  • Dish Network: Channel 140
  • Comcast/Xfinity: Channel 27 (standard), Channel 668 (HD), Channel 1205 (4K)
  • Fort Collins Connexion: Channel 50

Announcers for the Game

For this exciting matchup, the play-by-play will be covered by Mark Jones, with analysis provided by Louis Riddick. Sideline reporting will be handled by Quint Kessenich.

Kickoff Time and Date

The Colorado State vs. Colorado game is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. MT on Saturday, September 16. Fans can catch all the action live from Folsom Field.

Listening on the Radio

If you prefer to listen to the game on the radio, the CSU broadcast will be available on KUAD 99.1 FM, ESPN 1600 AM (Denver), SiriusXM Channel 971/381, and the TuneIn app. The CSU radio team, consisting of Brian Roth (play-by-play), Ricky Brewer (analyst), and Marty Cesario/Kevin McGlue (reporter), will provide comprehensive coverage of the game.

Editorial: The Significance of Rivalry in Sports

The Rocky Mountain Showdown between Colorado State and Colorado is not just a game; it represents a historic rivalry that has captivated fans for years. Rivalries in sports hold a special place in our culture. They ignite passions, create memories, and bring communities together.

From the football fields of Colorado to the basketball courts of Duke and North Carolina, rivalries bring out the best in athletes and the fans who support them. The anticipation leading up to these matchups, the intensity during the game, and the bitter rivalries that span generations create a sense of excitement and camaraderie that is unmatched.

However, it is important to remember that rivalries should be enjoyed with a healthy dose of sportsmanship and respect. While competition fuels the fire, it is crucial to respect and appreciate the talents of both teams and their players. The ultimate goal is not to tear each other down but to build each other up through spirited competition. Rivalries should never cross the line into animosity or hostility.

As you watch the Colorado State vs. Colorado game, take a moment to reflect on the history and traditions of this rivalry. Cherish the memories it has provided over the years and the excitement it brings to all involved. A good rivalry is an integral part of the sports experience, so let us celebrate it responsibly and with appreciation for the sport itself.

Advice: Enjoy the Game Responsibly

Whether you are a Colorado State or Colorado fan, the Rocky Mountain Showdown is a thrilling event that deserves your attention. As you watch the game, make sure to enjoy it responsibly.

First and foremost, respect the rules and regulations set forth by the venue, whether you are attending in person or watching from home. Remember that sportsmanship is paramount, even as emotions may run high during such a rivalry.

Additionally, remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay hydrated, especially if you are attending the game in person and the weather is warm. Take breaks when needed and be mindful of your own physical and mental well-being.

Lastly, remember that the outcome of a game does not define your worth or the worth of your chosen team. Enjoy the game for what it is—a display of skill, athleticism, and the spirit of competition. Win or lose, it is an opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate the joys that sports bring.

So, grab your snacks, put on your team colors, and get ready for an exciting evening of football as Colorado State and Colorado battle it out in the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

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Colorado Showdown: Where to Watch the State vs. Colorado Football Game Today
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