No live stream available for this game. Title: Mexico vs. Australia: Predictions and TV Coveragewordpress,livestream,game,Mexicovs.Australia,predictions,TVcoverage
No live stream available for this game. Title: Mexico vs. Australia: Predictions and TV Coverage

No live stream available for this game. Title: Mexico vs. Australia: Predictions and TV Coverage

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Mexico vs. Australia: A Quality Test for El Tri


In a friendly match between Mexico and Australia, El Tri’s search for a striker continues. Both teams participated in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, making this matchup a quality test for Mexico. Despite Australia playing only three matches since the World Cup, their performance will be essential for Mexico as they aim to keep their good form going after winning the Gold Cup.

Current State of Mexican Football

After winning the Gold Cup, Mexico’s national team seems to be on the right track. However, merely meeting the minimum expectation of winning the Gold Cup should not be the ultimate goal for El Tri. There is still considerable room for improvement, particularly in the team’s ability to score goals. Although Mexico has shown improvements under coach Jaime Lozano, their prowess in front of the net is not yet among their strong suits.

The Anchors and Key Players

Mexico’s midfield, anchored by Edson Alvarez from West Ham United, provides a solid foundation for the team. With Guillermo Ochoa’s exceptional goalkeeping skills and Alvarez’s presence in midfield, Mexico will make it challenging for Australia to penetrate their defense. Additionally, Raul Jimenez and Hector Herrera, both key players, are likely to contribute to the team’s overall performance, as Lozano has successfully reintegrated them into the squad.


Mexico’s Struggle for Goals

The inability to put the ball in the back of the net consistently remains a major concern for Mexico. Despite their defensive strength and overall improvement, finding a consistent and reliable striker has been a challenge. This match against Australia will provide another opportunity for Mexico’s attacking players to showcase their abilities and prove their worth in the team.

Australia’s Bounce Back

The Socceroos, Australia’s national team, are seeking a resurgence after recent losses to Ecuador and Argentina. While these two teams are world-class opponents, Mexico has also climbed up the FIFA Rankings and currently sits 12th, despite failing to advance from the group stage in Qatar. Australia’s defense will be critical in this matchup, as they aim to contain the Mexican attack and secure a positive result.

How to Watch and Predictions

The match will take place on Saturday, September 9, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The game can be streamed live on TUDN and fubo (with a free trial). The odds favor Mexico, with a line of -130, while a draw is priced at +230, and Australia is the underdog with odds of +350.

Match Prediction

Given Mexico’s strong defense and Australia’s recent struggles, it is likely that Mexico will come out on top in this match. A few goals should be enough to secure victory for El Tri. Therefore, the prediction for this match is Mexico 2, Australia 0.


As Mexico faces Australia in this friendly encounter, it is crucial for El Tri to maintain their positive momentum after winning the Gold Cup. However, the team should strive for more than just minimum expectations. Developing an effective attacking front will be essential for Mexico’s success in future tournaments. With Australia aiming to bounce back, this match will provide a quality test for both teams, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of their respective squads.


No live stream available for this game. Title: Mexico vs. Australia: Predictions and TV Coverage
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