Examining the Potential Outcome of Jared Goff's Performance and Prop Bets in NFL Week 1 2023 against the Chiefswordpress,NFL,JaredGoff,performance,propbets,Week1,2023,Chiefs
Examining the Potential Outcome of Jared Goff's Performance and Prop Bets in NFL Week 1 2023 against the Chiefs

Examining the Potential Outcome of Jared Goff’s Performance and Prop Bets in NFL Week 1 2023 against the Chiefs

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Jared Goff’s Performance in Week 1: Prop Bets and Predictions

Jared Goff, the quarterback for the Detroit Lions, is set to face off against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1 of the NFL season. In this report, we will analyze Goff’s performance, highlight his prop bets, and provide predictions for the upcoming game.

Breaking Down Goff’s Prop Bets

Let’s take a closer look at Jared Goff’s prop bets for the game against the Kansas City Chiefs:

  • Pass Yards Over/Under: 257.5 (-115)
  • Pass TDs Over/Under: 1.5 (-128)
  • Rush Yards Over/Under: 3.5 (-120)
  • Anytime TD Odds: +1000

Goff’s passing yard prop is set at 257.5 yards, with odds of -115 for the over and under. For pass touchdowns, the line is set at 1.5, with odds of -128 for the over. His rushing yard prop is 3.5, with odds of -120 for the over. Finally, the odds for Goff scoring a touchdown anytime during the game are +1000.

Analysis of Goff’s Performance

Looking at Goff’s stats from the 2022 season, he completed 382 passes out of 587 attempts, resulting in a completion percentage of 65.1%. He threw for a total of 4,438 yards, with 29 touchdown passes and 7 interceptions. His average passing yards per attempt was 7.6.

Comparing his 257.5-yard passing yard prop for this game to his performance last season, Goff averaged 261.1 passing yards per game. He exceeded the prop total in nine games, representing 52.9% of games with a prop available. This suggests that Goff has a good chance of surpassing the 257.5-yard mark against the Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs‘ Defense Rankings

It’s important to consider the defensive performance of the Kansas City Chiefs when making predictions for Goff’s performance. In the 2022 season, the Chiefs‘ defense ranked 18th in pass yards allowed per game (220.9) and 6th in pass yards allowed per attempt (6.1). They also ranked 8th in rush yards allowed per game (107.2) and 15th in rush yards allowed per attempt (4.4).

Based on these rankings, Goff has an opportunity to exploit the Chiefs‘ defense through the air. Their relatively high pass yards allowed per game and per attempt suggest that Goff could have success in the passing game.

Detroit Lions’ Offensive and Defensive Performance

When assessing Goff’s performance, it’s crucial to consider the overall offensive and defensive performance of the Detroit Lions. Last season, the Lions had the fourth-best offense in terms of total yards per game (380), but their defense ranked worst in the league in yards allowed per game (392.4).

The Lions’ offensive pace was solid, ranking 13th in the NFL with 64 offensive plays per game. Their passing offense averaged 251.8 yards per game, while their rushing offense averaged 128.2 yards per game. On defense, the Lions allowed 245.8 passing yards per game and 146.5 rushing yards per game.

These statistics indicate that the Lions heavily relied on their passing game to keep them competitive. With Goff’s propensity for throwing the ball and the Chiefs‘ vulnerable pass defense, Goff may have ample opportunities to put up significant passing yards in this matchup.


Considering Goff’s prop bets, his performance in the previous season, and the defensive weaknesses of the Chiefs, it seems likely that Goff will have a productive game. With his passing yard prop set at 257.5, there’s a good chance he exceeds that mark. Additionally, his pass touchdowns prop is 1.5, and given his past performance, he has a solid chance of throwing multiple touchdowns.

While Goff’s rushing yards prop is relatively low at 3.5, it’s important to note that he is primarily a pocket passer and may be less likely to accumulate rushing yards. However, his potential for scoring a touchdown anytime during the game offers an enticing opportunity with odds of +1000.

In conclusion, Jared Goff has the potential to excel in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs. With favorable matchups against the Chiefs‘ defense and his past performance, Goff could surpass his passing yard and touchdown prop bets. While his rushing yards may be limited, a touchdown from Goff is not out of the question. Keep an eye on Goff’s performance in this game as he aims to make a difference for the Detroit Lions.


Examining the Potential Outcome of Jared Goff
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