The Rise of Ben Shelton: Overcoming Tommy Paul for US Tennis Victorytennis,UStennis,BenShelton,TommyPaul,riseofBenShelton,overcoming,victory
The Rise of Ben Shelton: Overcoming Tommy Paul for US Tennis Victory

The Rise of Ben Shelton: Overcoming Tommy Paul for US Tennis Victory

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Big serve, big smile, big win: Ben Shelton beats Tommy Paul for US Open quarterfinal

By Joel Drucker
Published Sep 03, 2023

The Rise of Ben Shelton

Ben Shelton, a 20-year-old American tennis player, has captured the attention of fans and critics alike with his recent performance at the US Open. With a powerful serve and an infectious smile, Shelton defeated fellow American Tommy Paul in a thrilling round of 16 match that lasted nearly three hours. This victory marks Shelton’s second consecutive quarterfinal appearance in a Grand Slam tournament, an impressive accomplishment for a young player on the rise.

Starting his 2023 season with a quarterfinal run at the Australian Open, Shelton’s success at the US Open demonstrates his growing confidence and ability to compete at the highest level. Despite a lack of consistent wins prior to this tournament, Shelton remained calm and focused throughout the match against Paul, relying on his own game style and not trying to do too much.

A Comparison to Art

In examining Shelton’s playing style, it is reminiscent of an artist at work. Shelton’s coach, Brad Stine, has likened him to Pablo Picasso, while his opponent Paul has been compared to Leonardo da Vinci. Shelton’s speed, agility, and flair on the court, along with his fantastic serving and proficiency at the net, make him a formidable opponent.

During the match, Shelton’s ability to dominate crucial points and finish games with precision was evident. His proficiency at the net, winning 28 of 42 net points, played a significant role in his victory over Paul. Shelton’s confidence and composure in pressure situations were crucial to his success, and his team’s unwavering support contributed to his belief in his abilities.

Mental Toughness and Belief

One of the key factors in Shelton’s success has been his mental toughness and belief in himself. He acknowledged his growth in this area, emphasizing the importance of believing in one’s abilities and pushing through physical and emotional fatigue. Shelton’s ability to stay mentally tough and push himself to go the distance has been instrumental in his rise in professional tennis.

Shelton’s infectious energy on the court has endeared him to fans and made him a must-watch player. His enthusiasm and dedication to his craft are reminiscent of the words of philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, who emphasized the power of enthusiasm in achieving success. Shelton’s energy and passion for the game will undoubtedly continue to propel him forward in his tennis journey.

Looking Ahead

As Shelton continues to make his mark on the professional tennis circuit, his recent successes at Grand Slam tournaments are only the beginning. With two quarterfinal appearances in his first year on the tour, Shelton has demonstrated his potential for future success. It will be important for him to maintain his enthusiasm and avoid growing jaded as he continues to navigate the challenges of professional tennis.

As Shelton’s star continues to rise, it will be intriguing to watch his development and see how far he can go in the world of tennis. With a big serve, a big smile, and a big win, Shelton has captured the attention and admiration of fans around the world.


The Rise of Ben Shelton: Overcoming Tommy Paul for US Tennis Victory
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