AEW All Out 2023: Analyzing MJF's Defeat and 5 Brilliant Booking MovesAEW,AllOut2023,MJF,defeat,bookingmoves
AEW All Out 2023: Analyzing MJF's Defeat and 5 Brilliant Booking Moves

AEW All Out 2023: Analyzing MJF’s Defeat and 5 Brilliant Booking Moves

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Analysis: A Closer Look at AEW‘s All Out 2023


The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion is gearing up for its highly anticipated pay-per-view event, All Out 2023. After the record-breaking success of their previous event, All In, AEW aims to continue their momentum with this latest show. However, there are several challenges and controversies that have cast a shadow over All Out. In this analysis, we will closely examine the current state of AEW and discuss five smart booking moves that the promotion must make to ensure the success of All Out 2023.

Miro’s Triumph

One of the key booking moves that AEW must make at All Out is giving Miro, a former TNT Champion, a marquee victory. Miro has been absent from AEW for an extended period, and his push has been inconsistent. To establish Miro as a potential main event star, he must secure a win against Powerhouse Hobbs. This victory would help solidify Miro’s standing in AEW and elevate him as a top-tier star on Collision. With the uncertainty surrounding CM Punk’s future, AEW should consider building their promotion around Miro.

Darby Allin’s Championship Redemption

Another important booking move is for Darby Allin to regain the AEW TNT Championship. Currently, the championship is held in name only by Luchasaurus, with Christian Cage carrying the weight of the pairing. With the potential arrival of Edge in AEW and the possibility of a reunion with Cage, it is time for Allin to move on from Luchasaurus and Cage. As a former three-time TNT Champion, Allin has proven himself as a reliable and popular babyface. It is crucial for AEW to elevate Allin by giving him the title for a fourth time, as WWE has shown no indication of pushing him higher on their roster.

Orange Cassidy’s Farewell

AEW must address the current physical toll on International Champion Orange Cassidy. Cassidy has carried the International Championship with great success, but he has admitted to suffering physically from the demands of his matches. As Cassidy has taken on a backstage role as a producer, it is imperative for AEW to allow him to relinquish the title. In his match against Jon Moxley at All Out, Cassidy will face his biggest challenge yet. By having Moxley win the championship, AEW can elevate the prestige of the title while protecting Cassidy’s well-being. Moxley, as one of AEW‘s biggest stars, is the perfect candidate to take over the championship.

A Potential Upset: Konosuke Takeshita vs. Kenny Omega

AEW should seize the opportunity to showcase an upset victory by Konosuke Takeshita against Kenny Omega. Initially, Omega was scheduled to face Bryan Danielson at All Out, but an injury forced a change in plans. By pitting Omega against Takeshita, AEW can deliver a potential Match of the Year candidate. Moreover, a victory for Takeshita would provide the rising star with the credibility he deserves. While Omega’s legacy remains formidable, a loss to Takeshita would not tarnish it. With Don Callis by Omega’s side, AEW can creatively protect Omega in defeat. This booking move would solidify Takeshita’s status as a promising top star in AEW.

The Slow-Burn Rivalry: Adam Cole vs. MJF

Lastly, AEW needs to further develop the storyline between Adam Cole and MJF. The unexpected friendship between the two has captivated fans, and AEW has successfully avoided a predictable heel turn by MJF. Nonetheless, it is time for AEW to introduce real friction between Cole and MJF, paving the way for a title match down the line. The involvement of Cole’s allies, Mike Bennett, Roderick Strong, and Matt Taven, suggests that one of them will play a crucial role in dismantling the friendship. The title match outcome at All Out should initiate a gradual deterioration of the friendship, teasing a future heel turn for Cole. This slow-burn rivalry, if executed effectively, has the potential to be one of the most compelling storylines in AEW.


In conclusion, AEW faces significant challenges as they prepare for All Out 2023. However, by implementing these five smart booking moves, AEW can overcome these obstacles and ensure the success of their pay-per-view event. It is crucial for AEW to establish Miro as a main event star, allow Darby Allin to reclaim the TNT Championship, address Orange Cassidy’s physical well-being, showcase Konosuke Takeshita’s potential with an upset victory over Kenny Omega, and develop the slow-burn rivalry between Adam Cole and MJF. These booking decisions will not only excite fans but also elevate the status of the performers and championships involved. As AEW continues to evolve and compete in the world of professional wrestling, the success of All Out 2023 will be a testament to their ability to navigate challenging circumstances and deliver an exceptional show.


AEW All Out 2023: Analyzing MJF
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