Hackers Strike Again: Ransomed.vc Claims Responsibility for Sony Breach

Report: Ransomed.vc Ransomware Gang Claims to Have Hacked Sony Introduction In a recent development, the notorious Ransomed.vc ransomware gang has made a bold claim, stating that they have successfully hacked Sony, a multinational conglomerate known for its presence in the electronics, entertainment, and gaming industries. This news has sent shockwaves throughout the cybersecurity community and […]

Sony Faces Backlash from Hackers Over Unpaid Ransom Demand

Sony Faces Second Cyberattack in Months Ransomedvc Claims Sony Refusing to Pay, Offers Stolen Information for Sale In a concerning development for Sony, the company has once again become the target of a cyberattack. Ransomedvc, a data extortion gang, claims to have successfully compromised all of Sony’s systems and stolen sensitive data. This comes just […]

“Massive Cyber Breach: New Ransomware Group Targets All Sony Systems”

All of Sony‘s Systems Allegedly Hacked by New Ransomware Group The Breach In the world of cybersecurity, the fallout from data breaches can cause significant harm to corporations, governments, and individuals alike. The latest victim of such an attack is Sony, the technology giant behind the PlayStation gaming consoles. A new ransomware group known as […]

Cisco Sharpens Cybersecurity Edge with $28 Billion Splunk Acquisition

#h2 Cisco Strengthens Cybersecurity Play with $28 Billion Splunk Deal **By ** *September 21, 2023* In a move to bolster its software business and capitalize on the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI), networking gear maker Cisco Systems has agreed to acquire cybersecurity firm Splunk for approximately $28 billion. This is Cisco‘s largest-ever deal and […]

“Dark Side of the Digital Realm: The MGM Hotels and Casinos Cybersecurity Crisis”

Cybersecurity Issue Disrupts MGM Hotels and Casinos The renowned casino and hotel chain MGM Resorts International has been hit by a significant “cybersecurity issue” that has disrupted its online systems and caused disruptions for customers. While specific details have not been disclosed, cybersecurity experts believe that MGM Resorts has fallen victim to a pervasive cyberattack, […]

The Rise of Las Vegas Cyber Attack Groups: Unmasking Prolific Criminal Networks

Cybercrime Groups Linked to Las Vegas Cyber Attacks Introduction In recent weeks, two prominent Las Vegas hotel and casino operators, MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment, have fallen victim to cyber attacks. These attacks have resulted in widespread outages, operational disruptions, and significant financial losses for the affected companies. The identities of the hackers behind these […]

Casino Battleground: The Cybersecurity Crisis Threatening Caesars and MGM

Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts Face Cybersecurity Threats Caesars Entertainment Inc., a prominent hospitality and casino giant, confirmed that hackers have stolen Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers from a “significant number” of loyalty program customers. This breach comes in the wake of another cybersecurity incident involving MGM Resorts, where guests reported being unable […]

MGM Resorts Bounces Back: How Cybersecurity Challenges Are Met and Overcome

MGM Resorts Faces Cybersecurity Issue with Potential Impacts on Guests MGM Resorts, a leading hospitality and entertainment company, recently announced that it is facing a cybersecurity issue that has prompted the shutdown of some of its systems. The company provided limited details about the incident, leaving many uncertainties about the extent of the impact and […]

MGM Resorts Returns to Business as Usual Following Cybersecurity Incident

MGM Resorts Faces Cybersecurity Issue, Raises Concerns about Data Security and Infrastructure Vulnerabilities In a recent statement posted on social media, MGM Resorts announced that it had shut down some of its systems due to a “cybersecurity issue.” While the company stated that its resorts’ dining, entertainment, and gaming operations were currently operational, it did […]

MGM Resorts Breached: The Rise of Cyber Attacks Threatens Slot Machines

MGM Resorts: Slot machines go down in cyber-attack on firm The Impact of the Cyber-Attack In a recent cyber-attack on MGM Resorts, customers have reported problems with slot machines and online room booking systems. The casino and hotel giant confirmed that certain systems were shut down due to a “cyber-security issue.” While MGM Resorts has […]

Cybersecurity Pioneer Kevin Mitnick Dies at Age 59

[object Object] TechnologyorCybersecurity–cybersecurity,KevinMitnick,pioneer,death,age59 > The image is for illustrative purposes only and does not depict the actual situation. You might want to read ! Inflation’s Slowdown: Calming the Economic Heat Protecting Online Creative Spaces: The Battle Against DDoS Attacks on Archive of Our Own (AO3) The Rise and Fall of AO3: Unraveling the DDoS Attack […]