Facing Biden's Struggling Approval Ratings, Kamala Harris's Political Future Hangs in the Balancewordpress,politics,Biden,KamalaHarris,approvalratings,politicalfuture
Facing Biden's Struggling Approval Ratings, Kamala Harris's Political Future Hangs in the Balance

Facing Biden’s Struggling Approval Ratings, Kamala Harris’s Political Future Hangs in the Balance

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The Challenges Facing the Biden Administration: Analyzing Approval Ratings and Winning Over Young Voters


The latest CBS News/YouGov poll has revealed a significant drop in President Joe Biden‘s approval ratings among young voters. While 70 percent of those aged under 30 initially had a favorable opinion of the president at the beginning of his term, this number has now slipped to 49 percent. Vice President Kamala Harris also faces relative unpopularity, with a vice presidential approval rating of 41 percent, which rises to 55 percent among under-30s. This decline in approval ratings is concerning for the administration, particularly as younger Americans tend to vote Democrat. The president’s age, along with independent challenges from figures like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West, adds another layer of complexity.

The Climate Crisis and Student Loan Debt: Harris’ Defense

When questioned about the drop in popularity among young voters, Vice President Harris emphasized the administration’s efforts to address climate change and student loan debt. She spoke about the importance of these issues to young Americans and how they poll as top concerns. Indeed, the urgency of the climate crisis and the burden of student loan debt are critical issues that resonate deeply with younger generations.

The Biden Administration’s Mixed Approach to Climate Change

While the Biden administration has made climate change a central focus, there has been criticism of their approach. A Pew Research Center survey found that 50 percent of U.S. adults believed the administration was taking the nation in the wrong direction on climate change. However, among Democrats aged 18-29, support for Biden‘s green agenda rose to 64 percent. This shows that while some young voters may question the administration’s overall strategy, they still find alignment with the Democratic Party on this crucial issue.

Of note, Biden has faced criticism for approving new oil and gas projects, such as the Willow Project in Alaska. Supporters of this decision argue that, during the transition to renewable energy, it is more environmentally responsible to source oil and gas domestically rather than relying on imports. However, this nuanced approach may create confusion among young voters who prioritize strong environmental action.

The Student Loan Debt Challenge

Biden‘s commitment to relieving the burden of student loan debt has garnered support among younger Americans. A poll conducted by Ipsos Mori/USA Today found that 47 percent of American adults supported Biden‘s student debt relief plan. This number rose to 83 percent among individuals with student loan debt. The president’s decision to suspend federal student loan repayments during the pandemic, as well as his pledge to forgive some borrowers’ debts, has resonated with those struggling under the weight of loans.

However, Biden‘s attempts to implement significant student debt relief have faced obstacles. The Supreme Court blocked his efforts to reduce debt by at least $10,000 for eligible borrowers. As a result, the government has announced a slimmed-down version of the original plan, discharging $39 billion in debt for 804,000 borrowers. While this is a positive step, it may not meet the expectations of young voters who are seeking significant relief.

Winning Back Young Voters and Overcoming Challenges

The administration recognizes the importance of maintaining support among young voters, and Vice President Harris has been tasked with reaching out to them. She will embark on a month-long tour of academic institutions across multiple states with historically diverse student populations. This engagement is crucial, as the administration aims to remind young Americans of the work they have been doing and the benefits that have been delivered to them.

Building Trust and Communicating Achievements

To win back young voters and maintain their support, the Biden administration must focus on building trust and effectively communicating their achievements. The decline in approval ratings among young voters suggests a lack of engagement or awareness about the administration’s efforts. This might be attributed to poor communication or insufficient outreach targeted specifically at young people. The White House should invest in strategic communication campaigns that highlight the tangible impact of their policies on issues like climate change, student debt relief, and other areas of concern for young voters.

Prioritizing Progressive Policies

As the administration faces challenges from progressive figures like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West, it is crucial for Biden to prioritize progressive policies that resonate with young voters. By demonstrating a commitment to their core concerns, such as climate change, healthcare, and systemic inequality, the administration can solidify its support among younger Americans. This requires a delicate balance, as Biden must simultaneously address the concerns of more moderate voters while ensuring progressive policies are not diluted.

Addressing Concerns About Biden‘s Age

The age of President Biden has been a point of concern for some voters, including young Americans. While his experience and tenure in politics bring valuable insight, it is essential for the administration to address concerns about his ability to effectively govern for another term. Biden must demonstrate vitality, agility, and a forward-thinking mindset through his policy actions, public appearances, and communication. It is also crucial to showcase the energy and dedication of Vice President Harris, positioning her as a capable successor if necessary.


The decline in approval ratings among young voters for both President Biden and Vice President Harris highlights the challenges facing the administration. Climate change and student loan debt are critical issues that resonate with younger Americans, but the administration must effectively communicate its efforts to win back their support. By building trust, emphasizing progressive policies, and addressing concerns about Biden‘s age, the administration can regain the confidence of young voters and maintain their allegiance. As the 2024 presidential election looms, the success of these efforts could determine the path forward for the Democratic Party.


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