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The Impact of Kevin Durant: A Warrior's Tribute

The Impact of Kevin Durant: A Warrior’s Tribute

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Warriors Give Kevin Durant Tribute Video, Standing Ovation

The Return of Kevin Durant

The regular season opener between the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors was not just any game for forward Kevin Durant. Back in the Bay Area where he had won two NBA Finals with the Warriors, Durant returned as a visiting player for the first time since his departure for the Brooklyn Nets in the 2018-19 season. The Warriors, acknowledging Durant’s contributions to their franchise, wanted to honor him in some way.

A Mixed Reception

As the video tribute played on the scoreboard at the Chase Center, Durant was greeted with a mix of cheers and boos from the crowd. While some fans acknowledged his talent and the success he brought to the Warriors, there were others who still harbored resentment towards him for leaving the team. In an interview with Andscape’s Marc J Spears, Durant expressed his desire for the Warriors to retire his No. 35 jersey, citing his accomplishments and the relationships he built during his time with the team.

The Case for Jersey Retirement

Durant certainly has a strong case for having his jersey retired by the Warriors. During his three seasons with the team, he helped lead them to two NBA Championships, earning Finals MVP honors in both instances. His scoring ability, versatility, and impact on the court were undeniable. Additionally, Durant’s contributions extended beyond basketball, as he formed lasting relationships with his teammates and left a positive impression on the organization as a whole.

The Role of Legacy and Loyalty

The debate surrounding jersey retirements often centers on the criteria that should determine whether a player deserves such an honor. Some argue that a player’s performance and achievements during their time with a franchise should be the primary factors considered. Others believe that loyalty and a long-term commitment to the organization should also be taken into account.

Durant’s case is a particularly intriguing one because he left the Warriors after just three seasons. While he undeniably had a significant impact during his time there, his departure raises questions regarding the weight of loyalty in the context of jersey retirements. Should a player who achieved great success but had a relatively short tenure with a team be granted the same status as those who stayed with the franchise for the majority of their career?

The Decision and Its Implications

Ultimately, the decision to retire Durant’s jersey rests with the Warriors organization. They must carefully weigh his contributions on the court, the impact he made on the franchise, and how his departure from the team factors into their decision. The decision will signal not only the respect they have for Durant but also their commitment to honoring the legacies of their former players.

A Possible Future with the Suns

While Durant’s return to the Bay Area marked a significant moment for him personally, it also raises the question of how his legacy might continue to evolve with his current team, the Phoenix Suns. If Durant can help bring a franchise-first NBA Finals to the Valley, there is a possibility that the Suns may also consider retiring his jersey. Much like the Warriors and their decision regarding Durant, the Suns would need to consider his impact on the organization as well as the legacy he leaves behind.


The tribute video and standing ovation Durant received from the Golden State Warriors during the regular season opener between the Phoenix Suns and the Warriors were symbolic gestures that acknowledged his accomplishments during his time with the team. The debate over whether Durant should have his jersey retired by the Warriors reflects the complex interplay between performance and loyalty in determining a player’s legacy. Ultimately, the decision rests with the organization and should be carefully considered, taking into account Durant’s impact on and off the court.


The Impact of Kevin Durant: A Warrior
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