NFL Week 7 Takeaways: Ravens Offense Soaring and Bijan's Sparkling DebutNFL,Week7,Takeaways,RavensOffense,Bijan'sDebut
NFL Week 7 Takeaways: Ravens Offense Soaring and Bijan's Sparkling Debut

NFL Week 7 Takeaways: Ravens Offense Soaring and Bijan’s Sparkling Debut

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NFL Week 7 Takeaways: Ravens Offense Hitting Its Stride, Bijan Robinson No-Show

The Baltimore Ravens’ Impressive Start

The Baltimore Ravens have been off to an impressive start this season, but there has been one knock on their success—the quality of their opponents. However, this criticism can now be set aside after their dominant 38-6 blowout win against the previously 5-1 Detroit Lions in Week 7.

Lamar Jackson’s Dominance

Lamar Jackson, the Ravens’ quarterback, has been quietly excellent throughout the season, yet he has flown under the radar in the MVP discussion. However, in Week 7, Jackson erupted, throwing for 357 yards and three touchdowns, while also adding a rushing touchdown.

The Ravens started the game strong, scoring early and often. They established their dominance with an opening drive of 75 yards, capped off by Jackson’s saunter into the end zone. The Ravens continued to drive down the field, scoring touchdowns and maintaining control of the game. On the other hand, the Lions struggled to generate any meaningful offense until the game was already out of reach.

Implications of Any Given Sunday

Despite the Ravens’ convincing victory, it is important to remember that any given Sunday can bring unexpected results in the NFL. While the NFL may not possess the same level of chaos as college football, where underdogs can topple top-ranked teams, the worst team in professional football is always capable of surprising the best.

The Variety of Weapons

The Ravens showcased the full array of offensive weapons in their game against the Lions. Gus Edwards, a running back, led the team in rushing and even receiving yards with an 80-yard reception. Additionally, receivers Zay Flowers, Mark Andrews, and Odell Beckham Jr. made significant contributions, with Lamar Jackson effectively distributing the ball to his playmakers.

Looking Ahead to Offensive Explosions

The coming weeks present favorable matchups for the Ravens’ offense. They will face the Arizona Cardinals, one of the worst defenses in the league, and the Seattle Seahawks, who have a strong run defense but struggle in pass coverage. Lamar Jackson has been playing exceptionally well and deserves more credit. Despite his standout performance, his MVP odds dipped slightly from 15-1 to around 8-1. Acquiring him at double-digit odds would be a great value for bettors.

The Importance of Managing Injury Reports

Inadequate Injury Reporting and Gambling

The issue of inadequate injury reporting by NFL teams came to the forefront during Week 7. The Atlanta Falcons failed to list star rookie running back Bijan Robinson on the injury report, leading to confusion and frustration among fantasy football players, sports bettors, and fans. Robinson did not start the game and did not see any action in the first half.

The problem lies in the fact that Robinson’s absence was unexpected because he was not listed on the injury report throughout the week. This had significant implications for fantasy football owners, daily fantasy players, and those who placed prop bets on the game assuming Robinson would play. The NFL‘s increasing involvement with gambling makes it crucial for the league to enforce policies that ensure accurate and timely injury reporting.

Importance of Transparency and Accountability

The NFL, alongside other professional sports leagues that have embraced gambling, must take a more proactive approach to managing injury reports. Transparency and accountability are necessary to protect the integrity of the game and the financial interests of those involved.

The Need for Contingencies

With the legalization of sports gambling and the significant amount of public money at stake, the league must anticipate and address issues like the Bijan Robinson situation. Even if Robinson was genuinely ill, the Falcons’ failure to communicate this information before the game is a problem. The NFL should establish contingencies to ensure accurate injury reporting and alleviate any potential harm caused by undisclosed player absences.

The Role of Gambling in the NFL

The NFL‘s increased involvement with gambling, evident through partnerships with sportsbooks and extensive advertising, necessitates a stronger focus on managing injury reports. The league’s financial gains from gambling revenue heighten the need for stringent policies and procedures. It is imperative that the NFL addresses these issues promptly and effectively to maintain the integrity of the game.


NFL Week 7 Takeaways: Ravens Offense Soaring and Bijan
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