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Steelers' Defensive Strategy: Avoiding Browns' Quarterback

Steelers’ Defensive Strategy: Avoiding Browns’ Quarterback

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Steelers Could Avoid Browns QB Due to Injury

Pittsburgh Steelers May Not Face Deshaun Watson

The Pittsburgh Steelers could potentially avoid playing Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns quarterback, for the second time this season. Watson’s availability is in question due to a shoulder injury that has caused him to miss Weeks 5 and 6. Although he returned in Week 7 against the Indianapolis Colts, he left the game in the first quarter after being sacked. Although he was evaluated for a concussion, he was ultimately cleared. However, he remained sidelined, with Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski stating that caution was the main reason.

Uncertainty Surrounds Watson’s Return

With the uncertainty surrounding Deshaun Watson’s shoulder injury, it is unclear if he will be able to play anytime soon. When asked about the possibility of Watson being placed on Injured Reserve, Stefanski mentioned that the team is taking a day-to-day approach. If Watson does end up on IR, he will be sidelined for at least the next four weeks. His first eligible week to return would be Week 12, which is the week after the Browns host the Steelers.

The Steelers’ Previous Encounter with Watson

In their opening matchup, Deshaun Watson completed 22 of 40 passes for 235 yards and a touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, he also threw an interception. The Steelers ultimately won the game 26-22 after a game-winning scoop and score by T.J. Watt. If Watson is unable to play against the Steelers, it is likely that P.J. Walker will remain the starting quarterback for the Browns. Walker has primarily been on the practice squad, with elevations coming on game day. However, if Watson is expected to miss an extended period, changes will need to be made to the team’s quarterback situation.

Analysis and Commentary

Potential Implications for the Steelers

The potential absence of Deshaun Watson for the Browns could have significant implications for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Facing a backup quarterback instead of a formidable opponent like Watson significantly changes the dynamics of the game and the Steelers’ defensive strategy. The absence of a star quarterback like Watson might create an opportunity for the Steelers’ defense to focus more on their pass rush, secondary coverage, and blitzing tactics.

The Importance of Defensive Strategy

A key element of the Steelers’ success this season has been their defense. With players like T.J. Watt leading the way, the Steelers have been able to apply consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Watt himself played a pivotal role in the Steelers’ previous win against the Browns, delivering the game-winning scoop and score. If the starting quarterback for the Browns becomes P.J. Walker, the Steelers’ pass rush will have an opportunity to exploit his relative inexperience and disrupt the Browns’ offensive game plan.

Secondary Coverage and Blitzing

In addition to focusing on their pass rush, the Steelers’ secondary coverage will play a crucial role in neutralizing the Browns’ passing attack. By closely monitoring the Browns’ wide receivers and tight ends, the Steelers’ defensive backs can limit the effectiveness of their passing game, making it more difficult for the backup quarterback to successfully move the ball down the field. Additionally, strategic blitzing can put added pressure on the opposing quarterback and force quick, rushed decisions that could result in turnovers or incomplete passes.

Advice for the Steelers

While the potential absence of Deshaun Watson may seem like a favorable scenario for the Pittsburgh Steelers, they must approach the game with the same level of preparation and intensity. The NFL is a league of unpredictability, and any team has the ability to overcome adversity and perform well. It is crucial for the Steelers to avoid complacency and maintain their focus on executing their defensive game plan.

Stay Disciplined and Limit Mistakes

The Steelers should continue to prioritize disciplined play and limit mental mistakes. Facing a backup quarterback does not guarantee an easy victory, as these quarterbacks often have a hunger to prove themselves and can surprise opposing defenses. By maintaining proper assignments, tackling effectively, and capitalizing on any mistakes made by the Browns’ offense, the Steelers can solidify their defensive dominance and increase their chances of success.

Adapt Strategically

The absence of Deshaun Watson provides the Steelers with an opportunity to adapt their defensive strategy. They can prioritize their pass rush, mix up their coverage schemes, and strategically deploy blitzes to disrupt the backup quarterback’s rhythm and force turnovers. This flexibility and adaptability will be crucial in maintaining the Steelers’ defensive dominance throughout the game.

Focus on Execution and Consistency

Finally, the Steelers should emphasize the importance of execution and consistency. Regardless of who lines up under center for the Browns, it is vital for the Steelers to execute their defensive assignments with precision and maintain discipline throughout the game. By consistently executing their game plan, the Steelers can control the tempo of the game, create turnovers, and ultimately emerge victorious.


The potential absence of Deshaun Watson due to a shoulder injury could significantly impact the upcoming game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. While the Steelers seem to have an advantage with a potentially inexperienced backup quarterback, the unpredictable nature of the NFL mandates that the Steelers approach the game with focus, discipline, and strategic adaptability. By prioritizing their defensive strengths, staying disciplined, and executing their game plan, the Steelers can maximize their chances of success and continue their impressive season.


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