"Edward Felsenthal" + The Uniting Force: Jason Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles Players Redefining Social Impactwordpress,EdwardFelsenthal,TheUnitingForce,JasonKelce,PhiladelphiaEagles,socialimpact
"Edward Felsenthal" + The Uniting Force: Jason Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles Players Redefining Social Impact

“Edward Felsenthal” + The Uniting Force: Jason Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles Players Redefining Social Impact

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Philadelphia Eagles Release Second Christmas Album

New Music for the Holiday Season

In an exciting announcement for fans of the Philadelphia Eagles and holiday music enthusiasts alike, NFL stars Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, and Jordan Mailata are preparing to release their second Christmas album. Following the success of their debut album, “A Philly Special Christmas,” the trio is back in the studio, spreading holiday cheer through song.

A Team Effort

The idea for the album came about during locker room talk and post-game sing-a-longs. Kelce and Johnson, known for their on-field chemistry, often find themselves singing together in the car after games. It was during one of these impromptu sessions that Mailata, an Australian offensive tackle, wowed Kelce with his rendition of “White Christmas.” This performance sparked the creation of the first Christmas album, which raised over $1 million for local charities.

Charitable Endeavors

One of the remarkable aspects of this project is the philanthropic intent behind it. The proceeds from the first album went to support various local charities, and the second album’s sales will benefit the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This commitment to giving back demonstrates the athletes’ desire to make a positive impact on their community.

Collaboration Dreams

While fans may have hoped for a collaboration with superstar Taylor Swift, Kelce hinted that it may be a possibility in the future. With rumors swirling about Swift’s relationship with Kelce’s younger brother, Travis Kelce, there is undoubtedly a connection between the singer and the Eagles’ tight end. However, Swift’s involvement will have to wait for a future album.

A Duet with Patti LaBelle

In the absence of a Taylor Swift collaboration, Mailata had the opportunity to perform a duet with Philadelphia legend Patti LaBelle. Despite admitting to feeling nervous to sing with “the queen,” his contribution to the album showcases his talent and dedication.

Autonomy and Creativity

Taking on Mariah Carey’s iconic holiday hit, “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” the Eagles’ trio faced the challenge of putting their own spin on a beloved classic. Acknowledging the vocal prowess of Carey, Mailata explained how they had to adjust the song’s key to suit their own abilities while infusing their unique style. The result, according to Mailata, is truly impressive.

Philosophical Discussion

The release of a Christmas album by professional football players might seem unexpected or even frivolous to some. However, it highlights the multitudes and hidden talents within individuals. These athletes, known primarily for their prowess on the gridiron, demonstrate a different side of themselves through their musical endeavors.

The Power of Giving Back

Beyond the entertainment value, the Eagles’ Christmas albums serve a higher purpose by supporting charitable causes. While these NFL stars might have the means to enjoy the holiday season in luxury, they have chosen to use their platform and talents to help those in need. This act of selflessness is a vivid reminder of the impact we can all make when we leverage our privileges and abilities.

Exploring New Horizons

The Eagles’ venture into the music industry also reveals the power of pursuing passions outside of one’s primary occupation. These players, who spend their days tackling opponents on the football field, are venturing into the world of music, expressing their creativity, and finding joy in surprising places. This willingness to step outside their comfort zones is an inspiration to us all, encouraging us to explore our own hidden talents and seize opportunities for growth and self-expression.


The Philadelphia Eagles’ Christmas albums are a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and philanthropy. In a world often filled with negativity and divisiveness, these albums offer a moment of unity and joy, reminding us of the spirit of the holiday season.

A Call for Charity

The decision to donate the proceeds from the albums to local charities reflects the Eagles’ commitment to making a lasting impact on their community. This gesture serves as an example for other public figures and organizations to consider the profound influence they can have when they prioritize the well-being of others.

Expanding Boundaries

The Eagles’ willingness to explore their musical interests and share their talents with the world is commendable. This expansion of boundaries allows us to connect with these athletes on a deeper level, reminding us that they are more than just sports icons. It challenges us to view them as individuals with diverse talents and passions beyond the football field.


As we enter the holiday season, filled with its own traditions and celebrations, let us take inspiration from the Philadelphia Eagles. Let us embrace the unexpected, explore our own hidden talents, and find ways to give back to our communities. Whether it is through music, sports, or any other form of self-expression, let us remember the power we hold to create unity, inspire others, and make a positive impact on the world around us.


"Edward Felsenthal" + The Uniting Force: Jason Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles Players Redefining Social Impact
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