The Buckeyes vs. the Nittany Lions: Staff Predictions and Analysisbuckeyes,nittanylions,staffpredictions,analysis
The Buckeyes vs. the Nittany Lions: Staff Predictions and Analysis

The Buckeyes vs. the Nittany Lions: Staff Predictions and Analysis

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Ohio State Special Teams Following Key Departures


Ohio State’s football program is facing a critical challenge following key departures in their special teams unit. With the departure of long snapper Roen McCullough, punter Drue Chrisman, and kicker Blake Haubeil, the Buckeyes are left with significant gaps to fill in an area of the game that is often overlooked but can have a major impact on the team’s success.

Special teams, which include field goal attempts, kickoffs, punting, and punt returns, are an essential aspect of the game that can swing the momentum and dictate field position. It is often said that a team’s performance on special teams is a reflection of its attention to detail and discipline. Underestimating or neglecting this facet of the game can be a costly mistake.

Head coach Ryan Day and his staff know the importance of special teams and are surely working diligently to address the departures and ensure that the Buckeyes have a strong unit moving forward. But the challenge they face is not an easy one.

The Impact of Departures

Roen McCullough, a reliable long snapper, provided consistency and accuracy on field goal and extra point attempts. His departure raises questions about the stability of the team’s kicking game, as a bad snap can disrupt the timing and execution of the kick.

Drue Chrisman, a talented punter known for his ability to pin opponents deep in their territory, will also be missed. Punting plays a crucial role in flipping the field position game and putting pressure on opposing offenses. Finding a capable replacement for Chrisman will be vital for the Buckeyes.

Additionally, kicker Blake Haubeil was a reliable option for field goal attempts, with a strong leg and the ability to make clutch kicks in high-pressure situations. Losing his experience and accuracy leaves a void that needs to be filled.

The Philosophy of Special Teams

Special teams are often seen as the unglamorous side of football, but they can be game-changers. Philosophically, special teams encompass the principles of discipline, teamwork, and attention to detail. Every player has a role to play, and the success of the unit lies in the execution of those roles.

Special teams can also be an opportunity for underclassmen to make their mark and gain valuable playing time. Young players who excel on special teams often earn increased playing time on offense or defense, as coaches recognize their contributions and reliability.

Special teams demand precision and coordination, and they require players to be mentally sharp and physically disciplined. It is an area where coaching and preparation can make a significant difference, as attention to detail and proper execution can lead to game-changing plays.

The Importance of Adjusting and Adapting

While the departures create challenges for Ohio State’s special teams, they also present an opportunity for growth and development. Coach Day and his staff must evaluate and adjust their strategy to maximize the strengths of the players who are stepping into these roles.

The importance of special teams cannot be overstated, and the Buckeyes must invest in the development of their new specialists. This includes selecting the right personnel, providing proper training and coaching, and emphasizing the importance of attention to detail.

It is also crucial for the players themselves to embrace the challenge and step up in their new roles. Special teams is often viewed as a selfless aspect of the game, where players contribute to the team’s success without receiving the same recognition as offensive or defensive players. But a strong special teams unit can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game.

Editorial: The Buckeyes‘ Special Teams Challenge

The departure of key players in Ohio State’s special teams unit is undoubtedly a significant challenge for the Buckeyes. However, it is also an opportunity for growth and development. Coach Day and his staff must rise to the occasion and ensure that the specialists’ roles are filled by capable players who can execute their duties with precision.

Ohio State has a history of success, and that success has been built on a strong foundation, which includes special teams. Striving for excellence in all aspects of the game, including special teams, is what separates good teams from great ones.

It will require dedication, attention to detail, and a commitment to improvement. Through meticulous preparation and a focused approach, the Buckeyes can overcome this challenge and continue to excel on the field.

Advice for Ohio State

As the Buckeyes navigate the challenge of filling the gaps in their special teams unit, there are a few key steps they can take to ensure success:

1. Evaluate and Select the Right Personnel

Identify players who possess the necessary skills and qualities to thrive in the special teams roles. Look for individuals who are coachable, disciplined, and have a strong work ethic. Success on special teams requires a specific skill set and mentality, so it is vital to choose players who are well-suited for these positions.

2. Invest in Proper Training and Coaching

Special teams require specialized techniques and strategies. Ensure that the players receive proper training and coaching to develop their skills and understanding of the game. Coaches should dedicate time and resources to work on special teams drills and scenarios, emphasizing the importance of attention to detail and execution.

3. Emphasize the Importance of Special Teams

Create a culture within the team that values special teams and recognizes its impact on the game. Encourage players to embrace their roles and understand that their contributions on special teams are essential for the team’s success. By emphasizing the importance of special teams, players will be motivated to give their best effort and execute their duties with precision.

4. Continuously Evaluate and Adjust

Monitor the performance of the special teams unit closely and make adjustments as needed. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the players and the overall effectiveness of the unit. Make strategic decisions based on data and observation to optimize the team’s performance on special teams.


The departure of key players in Ohio State’s special teams unit presents a challenge, but also an opportunity for growth and development. Special teams play a crucial role in the game of football, and the Buckeyes must address these departures strategically and with a strong focus on excellence.

By evaluating personnel, investing in training and coaching, emphasizing the importance of special teams, and continuously evaluating and adjusting, Ohio State can overcome this challenge and maintain their position as a top contender in college football.

Special teams may be overlooked by some, but those who understand the game know that the success of a team often hinges on its performance in this critical area. The Buckeyes must rise to the occasion and ensure that their special teams unit remains a strength as they navigate the challenges of the season ahead.


The Buckeyes vs. the Nittany Lions: Staff Predictions and Analysis
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