"Breaking the Silence: A's Pitcher Trevor May Exposes Oakland Owner's Actions"sports,baseball,TrevorMay,Oakland,owner,expose
"Breaking the Silence: A's Pitcher Trevor May Exposes Oakland Owner's Actions"

“Breaking the Silence: A’s Pitcher Trevor May Exposes Oakland Owner’s Actions”

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## A Call for Change: Trevor May’s Strong Words for Oakland Owner John Fisher

**October 17, 2023**

In a retirement video that has since gone viral, former Athletics reliever Trevor May took a bold stance against Oakland owner John Fisher. May, who recently announced his retirement from Major League Baseball, didn’t hold back, imploring Fisher to “sell the team, dude” in an emotional video posted on his Twitch stream. Such a public call for change reflects the frustrations of A’s fans who have been disheartened by the team’s performance, Fisher’s plans to relocate the franchise, and his perceived lack of investment in the team.

### A History of Turmoil

The Oakland Athletics have long been accustomed to controversy and uncertainty. Fisher, the majority owner since 2005, has faced criticism for his management of the team and the franchise’s consistently low payroll. This discontent has been further exacerbated by Fisher’s recent attempts to relocate the A’s to Las Vegas after negotiations for a new stadium in the Bay Area fell through. These relocation plans have sparked outrage and protests from the loyal fanbase in Oakland, leaving many feeling disenchanted and disenfranchised.

### May’s Fiery Message

May’s passionate message to Fisher conveyed the frustration and disappointment felt by both players and fans alike. He urged Fisher to “let someone who actually, like, takes pride in the things they own, own something,” emphasizing the need for a committed owner who prioritizes the team’s success and the fans’ experience. May’s criticism also highlighted Fisher’s fortunate background, as his parents founded Gap, Inc., and his ability to rely on family wealth to finance his ownership of the Athletics.

Furthermore, May called out Fisher for his apparent fear of accountability. He accused Fisher of being afraid of cameras and lacking the strength to own his decisions. May’s pointed words suggest a desire for transparency and open dialogue, qualities that are crucial for a team striving for success.

### The Power Dynamics of Wealth

May’s message carries a deeper philosophical discussion regarding the relationship between power, wealth, and ownership. He criticizes Fisher for possessing power that he hasn’t earned, relying on inherited wealth rather than demonstrating a genuine commitment to the team and the sport. This critique raises questions about the responsibilities of those with extreme wealth and the ethical implications of their influence on significant institutions like professional sports teams.

### Editorial: The Need for Authentic Ownership

May’s impassioned plea for change underscores the importance of authenticity and true ownership in professional sports. While it is essential to acknowledge the complexities of the business side of professional sports ownership, it is equally crucial for owners to prioritize the success of their teams and the satisfaction of their fans. Ownership should extend beyond a financial investment and embody a genuine passion for the sport and a commitment to the community.

### Advice for John Fisher: Embrace Accountability and Engagement

In light of May’s retirement video, it would serve John Fisher well to listen to the concerns expressed by his former player and the passionate fan base in Oakland. Rather than shying away from cameras and shirking accountability, Fisher should embrace transparency and open himself up for dialogue. Engaging with fans and investing in the team’s success will not only help restore trust but also revitalize the passion and loyalty of the Oakland Athletics community.

Ultimately, this episode serves as a reminder that the success of a sports franchise depends not only on on-field performance but also on the commitments and intentions of ownership. The Athletics and their loyal fans deserve an owner who embodies the values of the game and takes pride in the team’s success. Only through authentic ownership can the Athletics hope to navigate the challenges ahead and reinvigorate their franchise for the future.


"Breaking the Silence: A
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