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Where is Deshaun Watson? Exploring the Cleveland Browns' Decision to Start P.J. Walker

Where is Deshaun Watson? Exploring the Cleveland Browns’ Decision to Start P.J. Walker

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Deshaun Watson’s Injury: Impact on the Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns’ hopes of facing off against the undefeated San Francisco 49ers this week have been dampened by the absence of their star quarterback, Deshaun Watson. Watson, who signed a massive contract worth $230 million before the 2022 season, has been ruled out for the Week 6 contest due to an injury sustained in Week 3. This marks his second consecutive missed game, raising questions about his ability to live up to the expectations that accompanied his lucrative deal.

Watson’s Injury Update

Watson’s injury is a bruised rotator cuff in his right shoulder, which he suffered in a game against the Tennessee Titans. Despite attempting to play through the injury in practices and warm-ups, Watson has been unable to make a full recovery, leading to his absence from the upcoming game against the 49ers. The Browns had an early bye in Week 5, providing additional rest for Watson, but it wasn’t sufficient for him to be ready for game action.

Watson’s Road to Recovery

As of now, the Browns have not placed Watson on the injured reserve list, indicating that they believe he is close to returning to the field. However, this injury raises concerns about his long-term durability and whether he can regain his top form as the franchise quarterback. The team’s decision to rest Watson and not make him available for media interviews suggests that they are prioritizing his recovery process.

Browns’ QB Depth Chart

In Watson’s absence, the Browns will turn to newly-signed P.J. Walker as their starting quarterback for the Week 6 matchup against the 49ers. Walker joined the team’s practice squad after being released by the Chicago Bears during the preseason. He was promoted to the active roster once Watson was sidelined due to the injury. Walker has experience as a starter, making five starts for the Carolina Panthers last season. Despite the limited sample size, he showed promise by throwing for 731 yards, three touchdowns, and three interceptions, with a completion rate of 59.4%.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson, the rookie quarterback drafted by the Browns in the fifth round this year, started in Week 4 but had a poor showing against the Baltimore Ravens. Thompson-Robinson completed only 19 of his 36 passes for 121 yards and threw three interceptions without a touchdown. Given his struggles, the Browns have decided to give the nod to Walker, who brings more experience, against the formidable 49ers defense.

The Browns’ Quarterback Decision-Making

Choosing Walker over Thompson-Robinson highlights the Browns’ desire to rely on a more seasoned quarterback in the face of a tough opponent. This decision underscores the importance of experience and consistency at the quarterback position in the NFL. Thompson-Robinson, although talented, is still acclimating to the professional level and displayed some growing pains in his limited game time.

One must consider the philosophical outlook of the Browns’ coaching staff regarding the quarterback position. Are they prioritizing immediate success and stability by relying on a more experienced player like Walker, or are they willing to endure some potential short-term struggles in order to develop Thompson-Robinson for the future? Only time will tell.

Editorial: Assessing Deshaun Watson’s Performance and Future

Deshaun Watson’s performance in the 2022 season, especially given his massive contract, fell short of expectations. Now, in 2023, his injury and subsequent absence from the lineup raise further concerns about his ability to deliver the desired results. Watson’s tenure with the Browns, once seen as a harbinger of a prosperous future, is now shrouded in doubt.

With such a significant investment in Watson, the Browns were counting on him to be the franchise quarterback who could lead them to success. However, his performances have been inconsistent, and injuries have hindered his ability to contribute. The question arises: Should the Browns reassess their long-term plans and consider the possibility of parting ways with Watson?

It is crucial to analyze the underlying factors contributing to Watson’s struggles. Is it a matter of poor coaching, lackluster team performance, or simply an inability to meet the high expectations set for him? The Browns’ coaching staff and front office must carefully scrutinize Watson’s performance and assess whether he can rebound from his injuries and fulfill his potential in the future.

Advice for the Cleveland Browns

In light of Deshaun Watson’s injury and subsequent absence, the Cleveland Browns should prioritize three key areas:

1. Support P.J. Walker

Giving P.J. Walker the starting role against the 49ers demonstrates the team’s belief in his abilities. The Browns should provide a supportive environment for Walker, allowing him to build chemistry with the offense and gain confidence. Proper game planning, protection from the offensive line, and simplified play-calling can help maximize his chances for success.

2. Development of Dorian Thompson-Robinson

While Walker assumes the starting role, the Browns should not neglect the development of Dorian Thompson-Robinson. Despite his struggles in his lone start, Thompson-Robinson possesses raw talent and potential. The coaching staff should invest time in improving his decision-making and overall understanding of the game. This will allow him to grow and potentially become a reliable quarterback option in the future.

3. Evaluation of Deshaun Watson’s Future

The Browns must critically assess whether Deshaun Watson can fulfill the expectations set for him. They should closely evaluate his performance, durability, and ability to lead the team to success. If concerns persist, the organization should consider exploring potential alternatives in the quarterback market. This evaluation should not be reactive to short-term circumstances but rather a comprehensive analysis of Watson’s long-term prospects.

In conclusion, Deshaun Watson’s injury adds further complexity to an already challenging situation for the Cleveland Browns. The team must navigate these obstacles by providing support to their current quarterbacks and making strategic decisions based on a careful evaluation of their options. The future of the Browns’ quarterback position hangs in the balance, and the choices made in the aftermath of Watson’s injury will certainly have long-lasting implications for the team.


Where is Deshaun Watson? Exploring the Cleveland Browns
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