The Legacy of Buddy Teevens: Reflecting on the Life and Impact of Dartmouth's Beloved Football Coachbuddy-teevens,dartmouth-football,legacy,impact,beloved-coach
The Legacy of Buddy Teevens: Reflecting on the Life and Impact of Dartmouth's Beloved Football Coach

The Legacy of Buddy Teevens: Reflecting on the Life and Impact of Dartmouth’s Beloved Football Coach

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Remembering Buddy Teevens: A Legacy Cut Short

An Unfortunate Loss for Dartmouth and the Football Community

Buddy Teevens, the acclaimed football coach known for his innovative strategies and commitment to player safety, tragically passed away on Tuesday at the age of 66. Teevens had been battling injuries sustained in a bicycle accident in March. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals and the support of his loved ones, Teevens was unable to overcome the challenges posed by his injuries. The news of his passing has sent shockwaves through the Dartmouth community and the wider football world.

A Family’s Heartbreaking Announcement

In a statement to Dartmouth, Teevens’ family expressed their deep sadness and gratitude for the outpouring of support they received during this difficult time. They shared, “Our family is heartbroken to inform you that our beloved ‘coach’ has peacefully passed away surrounded by family. Throughout this journey, we consistently relayed the thoughts, memories, and love sent his way. Your kindness and letters of encouragement did not go unnoticed and were greatly appreciated by both Buddy and our family.”

A Journey of Resilience and Determination

Following the March accident, Teevens underwent a leg amputation and also suffered a spinal cord injury. With unwavering determination, Teevens and his wife, Kirsten, relocated to Boston to be closer to their loved ones and continue his rehabilitation. Teevens’ absence has been deeply felt at Dartmouth, where his longtime assistant, Sammy McCorkle, has taken on the role of interim coach for the current season.

A Pioneer in the Pursuit of Safer Football

While Teevens’ coaching record and the multiple Ivy League championships he secured are undoubtedly notable, it is his commitment to player safety that truly sets him apart. Teevens sought to revolutionize the sport by reducing full-contact practices and placing a strong emphasis on technique. This approach allowed his teams to thrive on the field without compromising the long-term health and well-being of the athletes under his tutelage.

Promoting Safety Through Innovation

One of Teevens’ most groundbreaking contributions to the sport was the development of the Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) at Dartmouth’s engineering school. These robotic tackling dummies have since been adopted by other college programs and even some NFL teams. The MVPs not only provide a safer practice environment but also offer valuable training opportunities for players, replicating real-game scenarios in a controlled setting.

Pioneering Opportunities for Women in Football

Teevens also recognized the need for greater inclusivity in the sport, particularly in terms of opportunities for women. In 2018, he hired Callie Brownson as an offensive quality control coach for the Dartmouth football team. Brownson’s appointment was a historic moment, as she became the first full-time Division I female football coach. Teevens’ commitment to breaking barriers and fostering diversity within the football community remains a notable aspect of his legacy.

An Indelible Impact on Dartmouth and Beyond

A Dartmouth alumnus and former star quarterback of the Big Green, Teevens left an indelible mark on his alma mater. Serving as the head coach for a total of 23 seasons, he amassed an impressive record of 117-101-2 and secured five Ivy League championships. Teevens’ leadership and dedication to his team extended far beyond the field, shaping the lives of countless student-athletes who had the privilege of playing under his guidance.

The Dartmouth Community Mourns

As the news of Buddy Teevens’ passing spreads throughout the Dartmouth community, there is an overwhelming sense of loss and sadness. In a joint statement, Dartmouth School President Sian Leah Beilock and Athletic Director Mike Harrity expressed their deep sorrow and highlighted Teevens’ impact on the community. They remarked, “Buddy was a Dartmouth original. He will be greatly missed and dearly remembered by so many members of the community whose lives he touched and changed for the better.”

Honoring Buddy Teevens’ Legacy

The Dartmouth community and the football world at large stand united in their desire to honor and remember Buddy Teevens. The school intends to collaborate with Teevens’ surviving family members to ensure that his legacy is appropriately recognized. The coming weeks and months will undoubtedly be a time of reflection and commemoration as the community pays tribute to the life and accomplishments of a remarkable coach, mentor, and innovator.

A Lasting Impact

As the Dartmouth football team faces the challenges of the current season without their beloved coach, it is essential for players, coaches, and fans alike to carry on Teevens’ legacy. The pursuit of safe and inclusive football should remain at the forefront of the sport’s development. Teevens’ contributions serve as a reminder that innovation and compassion can go hand in hand, enhancing the game while safeguarding its participants.

Advice for the Dartmouth Community

In these difficult times, it is crucial for the Dartmouth community to come together and support one another. Grief counseling and mental health resources should be readily available for students, faculty, and staff who may be deeply affected by the loss of Buddy Teevens. Additionally, holding moments of silence, organizing memorial events, or establishing a scholarship or award in Teevens’ name could serve as meaningful ways to honor his memory and keep his spirit alive.

In conclusion, the passing of Buddy Teevens leaves a significant void in both the Dartmouth community and the football world. His commitment to player safety and his innovative contributions to the sport stand as a testament to his visionary leadership. As we mourn his loss, it is vital to celebrate the impact he had on the lives of countless individuals and to carry forward his legacy by continuing to prioritize safety, inclusivity, and compassion in football.


The Legacy of Buddy Teevens: Reflecting on the Life and Impact of Dartmouth
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