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Examining the Kenny Pickett-Matt Canada Dynamic: Beyond the Blame Game

Examining the Kenny Pickett-Matt Canada Dynamic: Beyond the Blame Game

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Blaming Matt Canada is Easier, but Kenny Pickett’s Failings Far More Disappointing for Steelers


In the wake of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ recent struggles, there has been a lot of discussion about the team’s offensive coordinator, Matt Canada. Many fans and pundits have placed the blame squarely on Canada’s shoulders, criticizing his play calling and the lack of rhythm in the team’s offense. However, according to Mark Madden, a well-known sports columnist, the real disappointment lies with quarterback Kenny Pickett. Madden argues that Pickett, a first-round pick expected to be a franchise quarterback, has failed to show significant improvement over his 15-game NFL tenure. In this report, we will delve into the issues surrounding the Steelers’ offense, analyze the role of both Canada and Pickett, and discuss the broader implications for the team’s future.

The Allegations against Matt Canada

Madden starts his analysis by pointing out the dissatisfaction among fans regarding Matt Canada’s performance as offensive coordinator. He highlights a specific play during Monday’s game against the Cleveland Browns, where Pickett ran out of the shotgun and lost three yards on a critical third-and-1 play. Madden suggests that this play call, along with other questionable decisions made by Canada, has frustrated fans and contributed to the perception that the team’s offense lacks coherence and momentum.

Blame or Excuse?

Madden questions whether blaming Canada entirely for the team’s offensive struggles is an oversimplified approach. He argues that it is easy to place blame on someone disliked, rather than acknowledging the failings of a player like Pickett, who was expected to be a star quarterback for the franchise. Madden suggests that there are other factors at play, such as the lack of a running game and a poor offensive line, which may also contribute to the team’s overall offensive inefficiency.

Kenny Pickett’s Disappointing Performance

Madden asserts that while Canada may share some blame for the team’s offensive struggles, the larger disappointment lies with Kenny Pickett. As a first-round pick and a potential franchise quarterback, Pickett’s lack of progress over his 15-game NFL career is concerning. Madden points out that aside from a couple of successful game-winning drives at the end of last season, Pickett has mostly performed poorly. He suggests that once faced with stronger opponents and more pressure, Pickett has shown signs of panic and has been wildly inaccurate in his passing.

Importance of Pickett’s Development

Madden argues that the focus should be on Pickett’s development rather than solely blaming Canada. He emphasizes the need for the Steelers to make decisions that will hasten and improve Pickett’s progress as a quarterback. Madden suggests that replacing Canada may be necessary, but it should be done with a long-term perspective in mind, with the ultimate goal of helping Pickett reach his full potential.

Implications for the Steelers’ Future

Madden goes beyond the discussion of individual performance and places the spotlight on head coach Mike Tomlin. He criticizes Tomlin’s policy of hiring inferior assistants and suggests that the real problem lies with his leadership and decision-making. Madden believes that the Steelers, as currently constructed, are not a team that can make a deep playoff run, let alone win a Super Bowl. He calls for the organization to make choices that will benefit Pickett’s development, as that should be the top priority moving forward.

Advice for the Steelers

In conclusion, Madden advises the Steelers to prioritize Pickett’s development and not use Canada’s failures as an excuse for the quarterback’s struggles. He recommends making any necessary changes in the coaching staff with a long-term perspective in mind. The focus should be on giving Pickett the support and resources he needs to improve, while also acknowledging the larger issues within the organization that may be hindering the team’s overall success.

Editorial Perspective

From an editorial standpoint, this article raises important questions about the responsibilities of coaches and players in a team’s performance. It challenges the tendency to scapegoat one individual, such as the offensive coordinator, without considering the broader context and the role of the players. The article also calls for a more thoughtful approach to decision-making within the organization, highlighting the importance of long-term planning and development for the team’s future success.


Examining the Kenny Pickett-Matt Canada Dynamic: Beyond the Blame Game
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