"Gridiron Dominance: Syracuse Football Continues Undefeated Streak with Victory over Big Ten Foe"syracusefootball,undefeatedstreak,victory,bigtenfoe,gridirondominance
"Gridiron Dominance: Syracuse Football Continues Undefeated Streak with Victory over Big Ten Foe"

“Gridiron Dominance: Syracuse Football Continues Undefeated Streak with Victory over Big Ten Foe”

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## Syracuse Football Powers Past Big Ten Opponent to Stay Undefeated

### Analysis of the Game

In an impressive display of skill and determination, the Syracuse Orange football team secured a convincing 35-20 victory over the Purdue Boilermakers. Led by quarterback Garrett Shrader, the Orange offense dominated the game with a combination of rushing and passing plays. Shrader himself put on an exemplary performance, rushing for an astounding 195 yards on 25 carries and scoring four touchdowns. Additionally, he passed for 184 yards, further contributing to Syracuse’s success.

The Orange’s victory was largely facilitated by their ability to capitalize on Purdue’s mistakes. Syracuse took advantage of two lost fumbles by Purdue, swiftly turning them into touchdowns. This allowed the Orange to take a commanding 21-7 lead at halftime, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

Purdue fought back valiantly, with quarterback Hudson Card leading a determined offensive effort. Card’s 5-yard touchdown run narrowed the deficit to 21-14 in the third quarter, injecting new energy into the Boilermakers’ hopes. However, Syracuse swiftly responded, with Shrader scoring a 1-yard touchdown early in the fourth quarter to regain a 14-point lead. Purdue’s Tyrone Tracy Jr. managed a 1-yard touchdown run later in the game, closing the gap to 28-20. However, a missed PAT attempt by Purdue’s Ben Freehill and Shrader’s 28-yard touchdown run effectively sealed Syracuse’s victory.

### Implications for Syracuse and Purdue

This victory has significant implications for both teams. For Syracuse, it marks their first back-to-back 3-0 start since 1959-1960, an achievement that showcases their current strength and potential for success. This early-season performance reflects positively on the coaching staff, including Head Coach Dino Babers, and provides confidence and momentum for the rest of the season. However, Syracuse must remain vigilant and avoid the pitfalls of last year, where they started 6-0 but succumbed to a losing streak later.

On the other hand, Purdue will need to regroup after this loss and evaluate their weaknesses. One glaring issue was their inability to establish a strong running game, resulting in a mere 80 yards on 32 attempts. In contrast, Purdue’s defense struggled to contain Syracuse’s rushing attack, conceding 271 yards on the ground. Addressing these deficiencies will be crucial as the Boilermakers enter Big Ten play against Wisconsin next week.

### Injury Update: Oronde Gadsden II

In unfortunate news for the Syracuse Orange, junior tight end Oronde Gadsden II suffered a Lisfranc injury during the victory over Western Michigan. This midfoot injury will force Gadsden to miss the remainder of the 2023 season. Gadsden, who comes from a football lineage with his father Oronde Gadsden having played in the NFL, expressed his disappointment but remains focused on supporting his team from the sidelines. Gadsden’s absence will undoubtedly be felt, as he played a crucial role in Syracuse’s offense, having set a school record for catches and receiving yards by a tight end in 2022.

### Looking Ahead

The Syracuse Orange will be looking to maintain their undefeated streak as they prepare to host Army next Saturday. While this game presents a different challenge, with Army’s unique triple-option offense, Syracuse’s dominant performance against Purdue bodes well for their chances. They must continue to capitalize on their strengths, such as Shrader’s dual-threat capabilities, to overcome Army’s disciplined and physically demanding style of play.

As for Purdue, their first Big Ten game against Wisconsin looms large. The Boilermakers must regroup and address their weaknesses, particularly in their running game, in order to compete effectively in their conference. A strong showing against Wisconsin will be crucial in establishing their presence within the Big Ten and setting the tone for the rest of their season.

### Conclusion

Syracuse’s victory over Purdue showcases their potential for success in the 2023 season. Their back-to-back 3-0 start reflects the progress they have made under Coach Babers and the talent they have assembled. However, it is important for Syracuse to learn from past mistakes and maintain consistency throughout the season. Purdue, on the other hand, will need to regroup and make adjustments to compete effectively in the Big Ten. Despite the setback, both teams have meaningful challenges ahead and opportunities for growth. It will be interesting to see how they respond in the coming weeks.


"Gridiron Dominance: Syracuse Football Continues Undefeated Streak with Victory over Big Ten Foe"
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