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The Importance of Focus: DeVonta Smith's Contract Extension Outlook

The Importance of Focus: DeVonta Smith’s Contract Extension Outlook

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Eagles’ DeVonta Smith not worried about contract extension heading into Year 3: ‘When it happens, it happens’

A Shift in Value: Wide Receivers in the NFL

The landscape of the NFL is constantly evolving, and in recent years, there has been a significant shift in the value placed on wide receivers. Once considered secondary to star quarterbacks and dominant defensive players, wide receivers have now become key targets for teams looking to build championship-contending rosters. These players are now receiving massive contract extensions, often towards the end of their rookie contracts, as teams understand the importance of securing their talent for the long term. The Philadelphia Eagles find themselves in a fortuitous position with not just one, but two exceptional wide receivers in AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith.

AJ Brown’s Early Extension and Positive Outlook

The Eagles made a bold move by trading for AJ Brown and immediately paying him last offseason, ensuring his presence with the organization until at least the 2026 season. This preemptive move demonstrates the team’s commitment to finding and securing top-tier talent. Now, as DeVonta Smith enters his third year in the NFL, the Eagles hold the option to exercise his fifth-year option next year, extending his contract until 2025. While a long-term extension with guaranteed money seems imminent for Smith, it is refreshing to see his nonchalant attitude towards the matter.

“I’m just out here playing football,”

Smith’s statement perfectly encapsulates his approach to the situation. He understands that contract extensions are an integral part of the business side of football, but his primary focus is on the game itself. After an exceptional second season in the NFL, where he broke the Eagles’ franchise record for receptions by a wide receiver and established himself as one of the top young talents at his position, Smith’s confidence and dedication to his craft shine through in his words.

A Quest for Self-Improvement

Smith’s priorities lie elsewhere, as he explains, “I always wanna better myself… There’s always room for improvement. You can never just sit there and think it’s good enough. You can always get better.” These words reflect the mindset of a player driven to elevate his performance on the field continually. Smith chooses to keep his personal goals private but promises to reveal them if he achieves them. This demonstrates his commitment to pushing his boundaries and striving for excellence.

The Importance of Focus and Outlook

Smith’s approach serves as an invaluable lesson for not just athletes but for individuals in all walks of life. Whether it’s in sports, business, or personal pursuits, maintaining focus on the present moment enables one to channel energies into what truly matters – the task at hand. By not dwelling on future contract negotiations, Smith allows himself the freedom to fully immerse in his craft, honing his skills and performing at the highest level.

Advice for Young Athletes

For young athletes, Smith’s perspective is worth heeding. In an era where the pressures of endorsements, contracts, and public perception can dominate the minds of rising stars, it is crucial to remember the core essence of their profession – the love and dedication to the game. By remaining focused on continuous improvement, setting personal goals, and embracing the present moment, athletes can navigate the complex landscape of professional sports with integrity and authenticity.

A Balance between Performance and Financial Security

Of course, negotiating a fair contract is an essential part of an athlete’s career, providing financial security and recognition for their contributions. However, Smith’s attitude reminds us that the pursuit of excellence need not be overshadowed by contract talks. By maintaining a balance and prioritizing personal growth and performance, athletes can ensure they are in the best position to negotiate favorable deals when the time comes.


DeVonta Smith’s outlook on contract extensions is both refreshing and admirable. In a league where financial considerations often dominate the conversation, Smith’s focus on the game itself and personal growth sets him apart. As he continues his journey in the NFL, his mindset serves as a powerful reminder that success in any field is rooted in dedication, continual self-improvement, and a steadfast commitment to the craft. While Smith’s contract extension may be on the horizon, he serves as an inspiration for young athletes to focus on what truly matters – their love for the game and their unwavering pursuit of greatness.


The Importance of Focus: DeVonta Smith
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