"Shining a Light on Government Operations: The Urgent Call for Increased Transparency"governmenttransparency,governmentoperations,increasedtransparency,shiningalight,urgentcall
"Shining a Light on Government Operations: The Urgent Call for Increased Transparency"

“Shining a Light on Government Operations: The Urgent Call for Increased Transparency”

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Retired Military Veterans Testify About UFOs and National Security

Three retired military veterans testified at a House hearing on unidentified anomalous phenomena, commonly known as UFOs, warning that the sightings pose a national security problem and that the government has been too secretive about them. The hearing, convened by a House Oversight subcommittee, aimed to address the lack of transparency surrounding UFO sightings and encourage the government to release more information.

Former Navy pilot Ryan Graves, who now runs Americans for Safe Aerospace, emphasized that if UFOs are foreign drones, they pose an urgent national security threat. If they are something else, they raise scientific questions. In either case, unidentified objects in the sky are a concern for flight safety.

Another retired Navy commander, David Fravor, testified about his own sighting of a UFO in 2004, describing the technology as far superior to anything the military had at the time. David Grusch, a former Air Force intelligence officer, alleged that the government has covered up its research into UFO sightings and reported this information to the intelligence community inspector general.

A Call for Government Transparency

The House hearing on UFOs is the latest effort by lawmakers, intelligence officials, and military personnel to address unexplained aerial phenomena and push for more government transparency. Representatives from both sides of the aisle emphasized the need to uncover the truth by gathering as many facts as possible.

However, no government officials testified at the hearing, raising concerns about a lack of participation from the very institutions responsible for investigating and providing information on such matters. Lawmakers have previously pressed the Department of Defense on UFO sightings, acknowledging their potential impact on national security.

Challenges in Reporting UFO Incidents

During the hearing, numerous witnesses, as well as lawmakers, expressed concern about the stigma surrounding UFO reporting. Both commercial and military pilots fear potential professional repercussions, such as losing their jobs or facing management scrutiny, if they report UFO incidents. This fear discourages pilots from coming forward, depriving investigators of valuable information.

Rep. Tim Burchett, a Tennessee Republican, stressed the importance of encouraging more reporting on UFOs, as a greater understanding of these sightings could lead to increased flight safety. Rep. Jared Moskowitz, a Florida Democrat, called for bipartisan efforts to promote government transparency, emphasizing that this issue should bring Americans together regardless of their beliefs about the origin of these unidentified objects.

The Need for a Cooperative Approach

While some witnesses claimed that the US government possesses both UFOs and the remains of non-human pilots, they acknowledged that this information was hearsay and not supported by firsthand evidence. However, David Grusch offered to provide a list of witnesses who could testify before Congress, shedding more light on government programs related to UFOs.

Lawmakers, witnesses, and experts agree that transparency is crucial in addressing UFO sightings and their potential impact on national security. Increased reporting, cooperation, and a bipartisan commitment to understanding these phenomena will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of unidentified aerial objects.


As the discussion on UFO sightings continues to gain momentum, it is important for the government to address concerns about transparency and encourage pilots to report UFO incidents without fear of reprisal. By doing so, investigators can gather more data and potentially uncover the nature of these unidentified aerial objects, ensuring the safety of civilian and military aircraft.

While skepticism remains about the existence and origin of UFOs, it is crucial to approach this issue with open minds and a commitment to uncovering the truth. The next step is for the government to actively participate in investigations, provide more information, and engage in transparent dialogue. This will not only address national security concerns but also foster public trust and confidence in government institutions.


"Shining a Light on Government Operations: The Urgent Call for Increased Transparency"
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