Opinion: Marcus Peters' Signing Brings Raiders' Defense Much-Needed Boostsports,football,NFL,MarcusPeters,Raiders,defense,signing,boost
Opinion: Marcus Peters' Signing Brings Raiders' Defense Much-Needed Boost

Opinion: Marcus Peters’ Signing Brings Raiders’ Defense Much-Needed Boost

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Raiders Sign Former All-Pro Marcus Peters, Bolstering Their Secondary

A Much-Needed “Splash” Signing

The Las Vegas Raiders have recently made a significant move in bolstering their secondary by signing former Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters to a one-year deal. The addition of Peters does not come as a surprise, as there had been rumors of his potential link to the Raiders since his visit with the team in May. Peters brings a wealth of experience to his new team, having earned three Pro Bowl selections and two All-Pro honors during his illustrious career.

Reputed for his playmaking abilities, Peters has amassed an impressive tally of 32 interceptions, 11 forced fumbles, and 92 passes defended. However, his 2021 season was cut short due to an ACL tear, and his performance in 2022 fell below his usual standards, recording career lows in interceptions and passes defended while allowing a career-high completion percentage. Will Peters be able to bounce back in his second year post-injury, as many players have done? Or is this the beginning of a decline? These questions remain to be answered, but the Raiders are hopeful for a resurgence from the 30-year-old cornerback.

Addressing Defensive Weaknesses

The addition of Peters couldn’t have come at a better time for the Raiders. Last season, their passing defense ranked a dismal 29th in the league. Despite the pressing need, the team had been hesitant in promptly addressing the cornerback position. Instead, they opted to sign part-time starters Duke Shelley and David Long Jr. to complement their promising young cornerback, Nate Hobbs. While Hobbs shows great potential, he lacks the experience that Peters brings.

With 103 NFL starts under his belt, Peters boasts more than double the combined 41 starts from Hobbs, Shelley, and Long. This invaluable experience is sure to bolster the Raidersdefense and provide much-needed leadership. It will allow the younger cornerbacks to learn from and be mentored by a seasoned veteran, potentially accelerating their development and raising the overall performance of the secondary.

Comparing to AFC West Rivals

Despite the positive impact Peters could have on the Raidersdefense, it may not be sufficient to place them on par with other AFC West teams that boast formidable threats at the cornerback position. When considering the highly anticipated divisional match-up against the Denver Broncos in September, the Broncos’ wide receivers Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick should still enjoy a favorable matchup against Peters and the relatively less-experienced Raiders‘ cornerback room.

To compete effectively within the AFC West, the Raiders will need to continue investing in their cornerback position or explore other avenues to strengthen their defense. The cornerback position is crucial in today’s pass-heavy NFL, with elite cornerbacks often becoming game-changers and difference-makers. A strong secondary can provide a cornerstone for a team’s defense, creating opportunities for turnovers and reducing opponents’ scoring ability. The Raiders must consider the long-term implications of their cornerback decisions and strategize accordingly.


The signing of Marcus Peters by the Las Vegas Raiders marks a notable move in addressing their defensive weaknesses. Peters brings a wealth of experience, playmaking ability, and leadership to the Raiders‘ secondary. While there are concerns about his recent performance and potential decline, the Raiders are hopeful for a resurgence from the former All-Pro cornerback.

However, to truly compete in the competitive AFC West and neutralize the formidable wide receivers in their division, the Raiders must continue investing in their cornerback position, whether through signings, draft picks, or player development. A strong secondary is foundational to a team’s success in today’s pass-heavy NFL. The Raiders should carefully evaluate their long-term cornerback strategy, aiming to secure talented and dependable players who can consistently make an impact on the field.

Only time will tell if the addition of Marcus Peters will prove to be a game-changer for the Raidersdefense. As the 2022 NFL season approaches, fans and analysts will closely watch Peters’ performance, hoping for a resurgence and improved defensive play from the Raiders.


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