Is It Time for the NFL to Take Stronger Action Against Players with DUI Offenses?nfl,strongeraction,players,duioffenses
Is It Time for the NFL to Take Stronger Action Against Players with DUI Offenses?

Is It Time for the NFL to Take Stronger Action Against Players with DUI Offenses?

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Former Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen, who spent 11 seasons with the team and became an advocate for mental health awareness, has recently faced legal trouble. Griffen was charged with fourth-degree driving while intoxicated (DWI) after being pulled over by the Carver County Sheriff’s Office in Chanhassen. This incident has once again ignited discussions about accountability among NFL players and the need for stronger actions against DUI offenses.

The Incident

On Saturday morning, Griffen was driving on Powers Boulevard when a deputy witnessed his “reckless and erratic” driving. The deputy activated their emergency lights and sirens in an attempt to stop Griffen, who continued to drive at a high rate of speed and illegally pass other vehicles. Eventually, Griffen pulled over, but performed poorly in a field sobriety test. Court documents revealed that his preliminary breath test showed a .099 breath alcohol concentration (BrAC), and a subsequent test at Carver County Jail registered a .09 DMT sample.

Reflections on Mental Health

It is important to remember the context of Griffen’s advocacy for mental health. In December 2021, Griffen bravely shared on Instagram that he has bipolar disorder. This revelation sparked conversations about mental health in professional sports and garnered widespread support. However, his recent arrest raises questions about his personal struggles and the impact they may have had on his decision-making and behavior.

Accountability in the NFL

Griffen’s case once again highlights the issue of accountability among NFL players. While the league has made efforts to address off-field misconduct and create stricter policies, incidents like this serve as a reminder that more needs to be done. The NFL must take a stronger stance when it comes to DUI offenses, implementing harsher penalties and providing mandatory education and support programs for players.

Stricter Penalties

The current penalties for DUI offenses in the NFL, including fines, suspensions, and mandatory counseling, are a step in the right direction. However, they may not be enough to deter players from making irresponsible choices. The league should consider imposing longer suspensions and even lifetime bans for repeat offenders. It is crucial to send a clear message that driving under the influence is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Mandatory Education and Support

While penalties are important, it is equally crucial to provide players with the necessary education and support to help them make better decisions. The NFL should require players to undergo regular educational programs on the dangers of drunk driving, substance abuse, and mental health. Additionally, teams should offer comprehensive support systems, including counseling and therapy, to help players navigate personal challenges and seek help when needed.

The Importance of Player Safety

Player safety has always been a priority for the NFL. Beyond physical health, the league must also take into account the mental well-being of its players. The pressure and demands of professional sports can take a toll on an individual’s mental state. By prioritizing mental health support and addressing issues related to substance abuse, the NFL can create a safer environment for its players and foster a culture of responsibility and accountability.


Everson Griffen’s recent arrest for fourth-degree DWI serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges the NFL faces when it comes to player accountability. The league must take action by implementing stricter penalties, providing mandatory education and support programs, and prioritizing player safety. Only through these measures can the NFL create a culture that promotes responsible behavior both on and off the field.


Is It Time for the NFL to Take Stronger Action Against Players with DUI Offenses?
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