Whispering Success: The Phenomenon of Brad Faxon and Rory McIlroy at the British Open 2023.golf,BritishOpen,BradFaxon,RoryMcIlroy,success,phenomenon
Whispering Success: The Phenomenon of Brad Faxon and Rory McIlroy at the British Open 2023.

Whispering Success: The Phenomenon of Brad Faxon and Rory McIlroy at the British Open 2023.

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The Art of Putting: Brad Faxon’s Influence on Rory McIlroy’s Game


In the world of professional golf, few skills are as crucial as putting. It is the game within the game, the art that separates the great from the good. And when it comes to putting, Brad Faxon is a name that stands out. Known for his rhythmic joy and natural talent on the greens, Faxon has not only carved out a successful career as a professional golfer but has also become a sought-after putting coach. One of his notable students is none other than Rory McIlroy, a golfing phenomenon in his own right.

The Beauty of Faxon’s Putting Stroke

When analyzing Faxon’s putting stroke, one cannot help but be captivated by its grace and fluidity. It is a stroke that exudes confidence and control, a rhythmic dance between the golfer and the ball. Faxon’s ability to maintain his composure on the greens, even when his overall game might be faltering, has always stood out. His stroke has a certain joy to it, a sense of knowing exactly what needs to be done to sink the putt.

The Value of a World-Class Putting Game

Faxon’s prowess on the greens earned him a place in a special club within the professional golfing world. Alongside names like Loren Roberts and Stan Utley, Faxon became renowned for his exceptional putting skills. The value of having a world-class putting game cannot be overstated. In a sport where success is often measured by fractions of a stroke, being able to consistently gain an advantage on the greens can make all the difference.

McIlroy’s World-Class Putting Game

It is no surprise that Faxon’s influence has extended to Rory McIlroy, one of the most talented golfers of his generation. McIlroy’s natural ability combined with Faxon’s guidance has resulted in a world-class putting game. While some may fixate on McIlroy’s misses, it is important to remember that even the best golfers face challenges on the greens. McIlroy’s ability to navigate the slower, flatter greens of Royal Liverpool, where he previously won the Open in 2014, demonstrates his adaptability and skill.

A Philosophy of Putting as Fun and Instinctive

One of the key components of Faxon’s coaching philosophy is to avoid approaching putting as work. He urges his students to tap into their inner athleticism and instinctiveness, making putting a fun and enjoyable experience. Golf, after all, is meant to be on the side of fun and games. Faxon’s emphasis on letting go of the need to control every aspect of the putt and embracing creativity resonates with McIlroy, who has been embracing the creative process of putting since his childhood.

The Challenge of Letting Go

Letting go of control and embracing a more instinctive approach to putting is easier said than done. In the high-pressure moments of professional golf, it is natural to fixate on the possible negative outcomes. However, as Faxon highlights, evaluating every putt and assigning it a level of importance or difficulty only hinders the process. To truly excel in putting, one must learn to let go of these evaluations and trust in their ability to execute.

The Impact of Faxon’s Lessons

Faxon’s lessons have undoubtedly had a profound impact on McIlroy’s game. Notable reminders, like keeping his right elbow slightly tucked in and focusing on center-face contact, have contributed to McIlroy’s consistency and success on the greens. By finding a balance between technique and instinct, McIlroy has been able to tap into his natural talent and translate it into a reliable putting game.

The Freedom in Unpredictable British Open Greens

The unique nature of British Open greens provides an interesting challenge for golfers. Unlike the pristine and uniform greens often found on the PGA Tour, British Open greens can be unpredictable and inconsistent. This unpredictability should, in theory, free up golfers to embrace a more instinctive approach to putting. With the wind blowing different types of seed onto the greens, golfers must adapt and read the conditions to make successful putts. Faxon’s expertise in reading the wind and adjusting accordingly made him a formidable competitor in the Open Championship.

Conclusion: Faxon’s Legacy

As Brad Faxon returns to Royal Liverpool, his influence on the game of golf is undeniable. From his own successful career as a professional golfer to his role as a putting coach, Faxon’s commitment to the art of putting has left a lasting impact. By emphasizing the joy and instinctiveness of putting, he has helped golfers like Rory McIlroy reach new levels of success. As future generations of golfers strive to improve their putting game, they will undoubtedly continue to draw inspiration from Faxon’s rhythmic stroke and his philosophy of making putting fun.


Whispering Success: The Phenomenon of Brad Faxon and Rory McIlroy at the British Open 2023.
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