Sheryl Crow vs. Jason Aldean: A Clash over Country Music's Small Town Imagecountrymusic,SherylCrow,JasonAldean,clash,smalltownimage
Sheryl Crow vs. Jason Aldean: A Clash over Country Music's Small Town Image

Sheryl Crow vs. Jason Aldean: A Clash over Country Music’s Small Town Image

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Sheryl Crow Takes a Stand on Jason Aldean’s Controversial Song

Country Singer Accused of Promoting Violence

Sheryl Crow, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted artist, recently weighed in on the controversy surrounding Jason Aldean’s song and video for “Try That In a Small Town.” In a social media post, Crow criticized Aldean, suggesting that he should know better and insinuating that the lyrics of his song promote violence. She also tagged Aldean’s account to ensure that her message reached him directly.

Violent Lyrics and Music Video Trigger Backlash

The release of “Try That In a Small Town” has stirred up a firestorm on social media. Many commentators have accused the song of glorifying violent behavior, while others have pointed out that Aldean himself survived a mass shooting during the Route 91 festival in Las Vegas. Crow’s post directly addressed this, reminding Aldean of his personal experience with gun violence.

In response to the controversy, CMT has decided to pull the music video from rotation. Aldean took to Instagram Stories to defend himself, stating that the accusations of promoting violence and being unsupportive of the Black Lives Matter movement are meritless and dangerous. He argued that the lyrics of the song do not mention race and that the news footage used in the video is real.

Conflicting Interpretations of “Try That In a Small Town”

The music video for “Try That In a Small Town” has garnered over 673,000 views on YouTube since its release. The video features Aldean performing in front of a courthouse with the American flag hanging from the entrance. It is interspersed with footage of a flag burning, protesters attacking police, and a convenience store robbery. The song, written by Kelly Lovelace, Neil Thrasher, Tully Kennedy, and Kurt Michael Allison, debuted on the Billboard Country Airplay chart eight weeks ago and has been steadily rising.

Aldean’s statement, however, did not directly address CMT’s decision to remove the video from rotation.

Editorial: The Intersection of Art and Responsibility

This controversy raises important questions about the responsibilities of artists and the power of their creative expression. It is crucial to recognize that artists have the right to express themselves freely, and that their work may touch upon controversial subjects. However, they also bear a certain level of responsibility in how their art impacts society.

The debate surrounding “Try That In a Small Town” reflects the ongoing discussion about the role of art in shaping public opinions and attitudes. While some argue that the song merely explores the nostalgia for small-town communities, others contend that the song and video perpetuate harmful stereotypes and dangerous behavior.

It is necessary for artists to consider the potential impact of their work on the public and to engage in critical self-reflection. Crow’s criticism of Aldean stems from her belief that he, as someone who has experienced the horrors of gun violence firsthand, should be particularly mindful of the messages he promotes.

Advice: Balancing Creative Expression and Social Responsibility

For artists navigating the fine line between creative expression and social responsibility, careful thought and consideration are essential. Here are a few principles to remember:

1. Understand the Power of Art

Art has the ability to shape opinions, influence behavior, and evoke emotions. As an artist, it is important to be aware of the potential impact your work may have on society. Take the time to critically evaluate the messages you convey and consider the broader repercussions.

2. Embrace Open Dialogue

Engage in open and respectful conversations about the potential interpretations and consequences of your art. Welcome constructive criticism and be willing to reflect on how your work may be perceived by different audiences. This dialogue can help you grow as an artist and foster a greater understanding of the social impact of your creative endeavors.

3. Consider Personal Experience

If you have personal experiences that intersect with the subjects you address in your art, take those experiences into account. Recognize that your unique perspective can provide valuable insights and guide your artistic choices. However, be cautious not to exploit or sensationalize these experiences for mere shock value.

4. Be Mindful of Controversial Subjects

When tackling sensitive or controversial subjects, exercise caution and empathy. Understand that your artistic choices have consequences and can either perpetuate harmful stereotypes or contribute to positive discourse. Strive to find a balance between artistic freedom and social responsibility.


The controversy surrounding Jason Aldean’s song and video serves as a reminder that artists have a moral obligation to engage in responsible creative expression. While artists should be free to explore diverse perspectives and experiences, it is important to recognize the potential impact their work may have on the world. By embracing this responsibility and fostering open dialogue, artists can contribute to a more informed and inclusive society.


Sheryl Crow vs. Jason Aldean: A Clash over Country Music
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