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The Controversy Behind Influencer Boxing: Eddie Hearn's Stance on the OnlyFans Star Bout

The Controversy Behind Influencer Boxing: Eddie Hearn’s Stance on the OnlyFans Star Bout

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Eddie Hearn Calls for Disassociation between Professional Boxing and Influencer Boxing

The Controversy at the Kingpyn Boxing Event

In a recent Kingpyn Boxing event, an incident occurred that has sparked a debate in the boxing world. OnlyFans star Daniella Hemsley, after winning a unanimous decision against Aleksandra Daniel, lifted her top up in front of the crowd. Hemsley later apologized, stating that she got overwhelmed and wanted to express herself.

Eddie Hearn’s Disapproval

Promoter Eddie Hearn, widely respected in the boxing community, expressed his strong disapproval of the incident and the growing influencer boxing scene. In an interview with Boxing Social, Hearn stated, “I hate it. We’ve worked so hard for women in boxing to be respected for their ability, for their merits, for their hard work.” Hearn believes that the influencer boxing scene takes away from the serious pursuits of professional boxers and should be disassociated from the sport.

The Importance of Respect and Merit in Boxing

Hearn’s comments touch upon important philosophical and ethical questions surrounding the nature of sports and the recognition of athletes. The call for respect in boxing speaks to the value of recognizing individuals for their hard work, skill, and dedication. This sentiment applies not only to professional female boxers but also to athletes in any discipline who pour their hearts and souls into their chosen sport.

The Role of Influencer Boxing

The rise of influencer boxing, where social media personalities engage in boxing matches for entertainment purposes, has gained significant attention recently. While some may argue that it brings new viewers to the sport or creates more excitement, Hearn takes a stand against it, believing that it detracts from the credibility and integrity of professional boxing.

The Response of Boxing Fans

Hearn’s opinion seems to resonate with many boxing fans, as they too expressed their disapproval of the incident and the influencer boxing scene. Commenting on the incident, one fan questioned the appropriateness and the impact on the younger demographic of boxing fans. The sentiment seems to be that such behavior undermines the professionalism of the sport.

Agreement from Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields, a notable boxing figure who has held titles in three weight divisions, supported Hearn’s stance on the issue. Shields took to Twitter, stating, “Wow… this is a step backwards for women’s boxing. Stop this s***.”

Influencer Boxers Respond

In response to the controversy surrounding influencer boxing, some individuals within the community have chosen to distance themselves from the entertainment-focused events. One influencer boxer, Elle Brooke, announced her intention to take a break from the gym, focus on creating content, and travel. She highlighted the need for a meaningful fight and the importance of returning to her natural weight.

Editorial and Advice

The incident at the Kingpyn Boxing event and the subsequent discussion around influencer boxing highlight the larger conversation on the dignity, respect, and merit in sports. While entertainment-oriented events may attract attention, it is crucial to remember the value of recognizing athletes for their skills and achievements.

As the influencer boxing scene continues to grow, it is essential for both fans and industry professionals to critically evaluate its impact on the credibility of the sport. While some may argue that it brings in new audiences or provides entertainment value, questions arise regarding the line between professionalism and spectacle.

For those involved in influencer boxing, it is worth considering the long-term consequences of these events. Is short-term fame worth undermining the credibility and integrity of professional boxing? Taking a step back to evaluate the impact on the sport and individual reputations can help influencer boxers make more informed decisions.

Ultimately, it is up to the boxing community to determine the direction the sport takes. By centering the focus on the skills, hard work, and dedication of professional boxers, the sport can maintain its integrity and continue to inspire future generations.


The Controversy Behind Influencer Boxing: Eddie Hearn
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