Farewell to a Beloved Meteorologist: Remembering Elise Finchmeteorologist,farewell,EliseFinch,remembering
Farewell to a Beloved Meteorologist: Remembering Elise Finch

Farewell to a Beloved Meteorologist: Remembering Elise Finch

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The Passing of a Beloved Meteorologist: Remembering Elise Finch

Elise Finch, a beloved meteorologist for CBS New York, has tragically passed away at the age of 51. The news of her untimely death came as a shock to many, as she had been a familiar face on television screens for 16 years. Elise, also known as Elise Dione Finch Henriques, joined WCBS in 2007 and had most recently been a part of the morning news show.

A Tribute to Elise Finch

In a statement, CBS expressed their deep sadness and described Elise as a gifted and dedicated professional who approached her work with great care. They also highlighted her significant contributions to the community, particularly in her hometown of Mount Vernon. However, above all else, Elise was known for being a loving and devoted mother to her daughter Grace and a supportive wife to her husband Graig Henriques, who is a photojournalist at WCBS.

During an on-air tribute, Elise’s colleague Jessica Moore of WCBS became visibly emotional as she paid tribute to her friend and colleague. The WCBS team expressed their condolences and offered their support to Elise’s daughter Grace and her husband Graig during this difficult time.

A Fixture in New York City

Over the course of her 16-year career, Elise Finch became a familiar face to viewers in New York City. She started as a weekend meteorologist for WCBS in 2007 and had also hosted the morning news alongside anchors like Mary Calvi and Chris Wragge in recent years.

Elise’s talent, dedication, and warm personality endeared her to many viewers over the years. Her presence on the morning news show alongside co-host Cindy Hsu made her a fixture in the lives of New Yorkers who relied on her forecasts to plan their day.

A Loss to the Broadcasting Community

The passing of Elise Finch is not only a great loss to her family and friends but also to the broadcasting community and the viewers who have come to rely on her expertise. She leaves behind a lasting legacy as a respected meteorologist and a loving mother and wife.

Reflecting on the Impact of Meteorologists

The death of Elise Finch raises important questions about the impact that meteorologists have on our lives. While we may often take their forecasts for granted, their work is crucial in helping us navigate our daily routines and plan for the future.

Weather affects each and every one of us, whether it’s determining what to wear in the morning or making decisions about travel plans. Meteorologists hold a unique position of influence and responsibility, as their forecasts can significantly impact our lives and safety.

The Role of Meteorologists in Society

Meteorologists not only provide us with forecasts, but they also play a vital role in educating the public about weather-related phenomena and climate change. Their ability to communicate complex scientific concepts in a way that is accessible to the general public is essential in fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the natural world.

Additionally, meteorologists often serve as trusted sources of information during emergencies and natural disasters. Their expertise and ability to deliver accurate and timely updates can help save lives and mitigate damage.

Advice for the Future

The loss of Elise Finch serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing our loved ones. It also reminds us of the valuable role that meteorologists play in our society.

As viewers and consumers of news, we should take the time to appreciate and support the meteorologists who provide us with valuable information. By recognizing their expertise and the impact of their work, we can foster a culture of respect and appreciation for the invaluable service they provide.

Remembering Elise Finch

Elise Finch will be remembered not only for her professional accomplishments but also for her warmth, dedication, and love for her family. Her legacy will live on in the hearts of those who knew her personally and in the lives of the countless viewers she touched throughout her career.

In this moment of loss, it is important to reflect on the impact that individuals like Elise Finch have on our lives and to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Let us honor her memory by valuing the work of meteorologists and recognizing the significance of weather in our daily lives.


Farewell to a Beloved Meteorologist: Remembering Elise Finch
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