The Rise of a Community: How a Village Shows Support to Scoot after Trail Blazers' Losswordpress,community,support,village,Scoot,TrailBlazers,loss,rise
The Rise of a Community: How a Village Shows Support to Scoot after Trail Blazers' Loss

The Rise of a Community: How a Village Shows Support to Scoot after Trail Blazers’ Loss

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The Molding of a Promising Point Guard: Challenges and Mentorship in Portland

A Learning Curve Season for the Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers’ season debut against the LA Clippers resulted in a thorough 123-111 trouncing. However, amidst this disappointing start, a significant storyline emerged: the development of rookie point guard Scoot Henderson. The Blazers’ coach, Chauncey Billups, and veteran point guard Malcolm Brogdon took it upon themselves to guide and shape Henderson’s promising career.

The Image of Mentorship

An image that stands out from the game is Coach Billups walking to the team bus with his arm around the shoulder of the rookie point guard, Scoot Henderson. In a display of solidarity and support, the experienced coach embraced the young player, demonstrating the team’s commitment to his growth and development. Additionally, veteran point guard Malcolm Brogdon requested that the Blazers’ video staff catalog plays involving Henderson from Wednesday’s game, showing his determination to mentor the rookie even after the loss.

The Challenges Faced by Henderson

As a 19-year-old rookie, Henderson’s debut performance demonstrated both his potential and his youthfulness. He scored 11 points, had four assists, and committed four turnovers. However, the majority of his production came in the fourth quarter when the Blazers were already significantly behind. In the first half, Henderson struggled, going scoreless, missing all five of his shots, and committing three turnovers. Despite these early difficulties, Henderson remained unfazed by his performance and expressed his eagerness to watch the game film and learn from his mistakes.

The Role of Coach Billups: Tough Love and Support

For Coach Billups, the challenge lies not only in developing Henderson’s skills but also in determining the most effective coaching approach. Will it be tough love or a more supportive, nurturing style? According to Billups, Henderson is someone who can handle being coached hard, allowing for honesty and direct feedback. A balance between the two approaches will be crucial throughout the season. Henderson himself stated that he responds well to both types of coaching, having been coached by his father and Jason Hart during his time with the G League Ignite.

Coach Billups, drawing from his own experiences as a rookie, plans to provide support and mentorship to Henderson during this learning curve season. He intends to offer anecdotal references to his own rookie struggles while primarily providing emotional support to the young point guard. He understands that experience is the best teacher and believes that some games will require him to step back and allow Henderson to learn from the ups and downs of the NBA.

Mentorship from Brogdon

Veteran point guard Malcolm Brogdon, who himself never had a mentor during his early NBA years, sees the value in mentorship and is committed to guiding Henderson’s development. Brogdon plans to have film sessions with Henderson, studying plays of high-IQ point guards like Chris Paul, in order to help him improve his decision-making and find the right balance between aggressiveness and composure. He aims to provide guidance without over-coaching, acknowledging Henderson’s natural instincts and desire to play an aggressive style of basketball.

The Learning Curve and Looking Ahead

Henderson’s development will be a central storyline for the Trail Blazers this season. As the team nurtures their new centerpiece, Coach Billups and Malcolm Brogdon will play a crucial role in guiding and shaping the young point guard’s skills and mindset. The challenges faced by Henderson in his debut game against a championship contender like the Clippers serve as valuable learning opportunities, with each game presenting an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Coach Billups considers his young roster to be like a ball of Play-Doh, and he sees himself as the sculptor. While reflecting on the previous game’s challenges, his focus is on the future and how the team can get better in the next game. This mindset will be crucial in guiding Henderson’s development as he faces new adversaries and learns the intricacies of the NBA game.

As Henderson continues his journey, the support and mentorship from experienced individuals like Coach Billups and Malcolm Brogdon will be instrumental in shaping his success. The Trail Blazers organization recognizes the importance of a communal effort in raising the next centerpiece of the franchise, ensuring that Henderson’s growth is nurtured, both on and off the court.


The Rise of a Community: How a Village Shows Support to Scoot after Trail Blazers
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