Chicago Bulls Unveil New Brand Platform: SEE RED, Reigniting a Legacy of Passion and Excellencechicagobulls,brandplatform,seered,passion,excellence,legacy
Chicago Bulls Unveil New Brand Platform: SEE RED, Reigniting a Legacy of Passion and Excellence

Chicago Bulls Unveil New Brand Platform: SEE RED, Reigniting a Legacy of Passion and Excellence

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## Chicago Bulls Unveil New Brand Platform, SEE RED, Ahead of the 2023-24 Season

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The Chicago Bulls, one of the most iconic franchises in the history of the NBA, have unveiled a new brand platform called SEE RED. The platform aims to celebrate the team’s rich history and passionate fanbase while creating unique experiences both on and off the court. With local activations planned throughout the season, the Bulls are set to engage with fans in a whole new way.

### Introducing the Bulls Bar Network

One of the key elements of the SEE RED platform is the introduction of the Bulls Bar Network. The team has partnered with nine local bars around the city to host watch parties for Bulls games. These bars will show all Bulls games with sound on, providing fans with an immersive gameday experience. In addition, the watch parties will feature music from a Bulls DJ, SEE RED giveaways, and appearances from Benny the Bull, Incredibulls, and Bulls in-game host Todd.

The Bulls have carefully selected these local bars to ensure that fans can gather in a vibrant, Bulls-centric atmosphere. Each watch party will offer special gameday surprises, further enhancing the excitement of watching the game with fellow Bulls enthusiasts. The first watch party will take place at Recess in West Loop on November 4, showcasing the Bulls’ game against the Denver Nuggets.

### Three Custom Murals from Local Artists Inspired by Bulls

To truly connect with the vibrant artistic community in Chicago, the Bulls have commissioned three custom murals, each designed by a local muralist. These murals, located in Pilsen, West Loop, and West Town, showcase different elements of the Bulls brand. By utilizing this unique medium, the organization aims to create memorable off-the-court experiences for fans and display the Bulls brand in a visually captivating manner.

The decision to involve local artists pays homage to Chicago’s rich artistic legacy while also promoting the city’s thriving art scene. The Bulls’ commitment to connecting with fans in a meaningful way is evident in their choice to commission these murals, which serve as a testament to the team’s cultural impact.

### Celebrating Fans with Season Launch Party and Home Opener Pregame Party

To kick off the 2023-24 season and show appreciation for their passionate fanbase, the Chicago Bulls hosted their first-ever season launch party at Tao. The event aimed to bring the gameday experience to fans, featuring entertainment by Bulls DJ Flipside, performances by the Luvabulls, and an appearance from the beloved mascot, Benny the Bull. This celebratory gathering was a way for the Bulls to connect directly with fans and create a sense of anticipation and excitement for the upcoming season.

Furthermore, the Bulls have planned a Home Opener Pregame Party, presented by motorola razr+. This event will take place in the Atrium, starting at 5 p.m. Fans can enjoy 50% off Michelob ULTRA beer and have the opportunity to win giveaways. From 6 p.m. until tip-off, there will be performances by the Luvabulls presented by Athletico Physical Therapy, Bucket Boys presented by Vienna Beef, 312 Crew presented by motorola razr+, and an orchestra. Each attendee will receive a SEE RED t-shirt presented by motorola razr+ to commemorate the start of the season.

The Bulls’ dedication to enhancing the fan experience is further exemplified by the special SEE RED giveaways available in the Bulls Kid Nation Zone by BMO at Section 326. Moreover, fans can shop for SEE RED merchandise in the Madhouse Team Store and at, allowing them to truly embrace the new brand platform.

### Editorial and Advice

The Chicago Bulls’ launch of the SEE RED brand platform is an exciting development that showcases the organization’s commitment to engaging with their passionate fanbase and celebrating the team’s legacy. By creating immersive experiences such as the Bulls Bar Network and commissioning custom murals from local artists, the Bulls are fostering a sense of community and pride among fans. These initiatives not only offer unique opportunities for fans to connect with the team but also contribute to the cultural fabric of Chicago.

In a world where sports organizations are increasingly focused on data-driven strategies and digital engagement, the Bulls’ emphasis on creating tangible, memorable experiences sets them apart. By leveraging the city’s vibrant culture and engaging with local businesses and artists, the team cultivates a powerful sense of identity and authenticity.

Other sports organizations would do well to learn from the Bulls’ approach. While technology and analytics undoubtedly play crucial roles in fan engagement, there is an inherent value in connecting with fans on a more personal level. By harnessing the power of local communities, teams can create a sense of belonging and forge strong emotional connections with their supporters.

Furthermore, the Bulls’ dedication to showcasing local artistic talent is commendable. By incorporating these custom murals into their brand platform, the team not only beautifies the city but also supports and promotes the local art scene. This symbiotic relationship between sports and art reinforces the concept that sports transcends the boundaries of mere entertainment and can elevate culture in meaningful ways.

In conclusion, the Chicago Bulls’ unveiling of the SEE RED brand platform demonstrates their commitment to celebrating their passionate fanbase, embracing their legacy, and engaging with the local community. By prioritizing tangible experiences and showcasing local talent, the Bulls have set a new standard for fan engagement. Other sports organizations would be wise to follow their lead in cultivating a sense of community and creating meaningful connections with their fans.


Chicago Bulls Unveil New Brand Platform: SEE RED, Reigniting a Legacy of Passion and Excellence
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