Battle of the Buzz: Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Hornets - A Sneak Peeksports,basketball,NBA,AtlantaHawks,CharlotteHornets,rivalry,gamepreview
Battle of the Buzz: Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Hornets - A Sneak Peek

Battle of the Buzz: Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Hornets – A Sneak Peek

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Atlanta Hawks Begin Season Against Charlotte Hornets: A Chance for Breakthrough

The NBA season is finally here, and the Atlanta Hawks are ready to take the court. They will begin their 2023-2024 season tonight against the Charlotte Hornets in a Southeast divisional matchup. The Hawks are hoping to land a top playoff seed this year, and their journey begins tonight on the road.

Hawks Dealing with Injuries

Unfortunately, the Hawks will be without Wesley Matthews, who is sidelined with a mild calf strain. Matthews is a veteran player in his first season with the Hawks, and his absence will be felt. However, the team is hopeful that he will recover soon and contribute to their success later in the season.

On the other side, the Hornets are also dealing with numerous injuries. Cody Martin, Miles Bridges, James Bouknight, and Frank Ntilikina will all be unavailable for the game. Additionally, Bryce McGowens is listed as doubtful. These injuries could potentially impact the Hornets’ performance against the Hawks.

A Breakthrough Season for the Hawks

The Hawks are entering this season with high hopes of having a breakthrough. They aim to avoid the play-in tournament for the third consecutive year and secure a top-four seed. With teams like Philadelphia in flux and Miami failing to acquire Damian Lillard, the Hawks see an opportunity to establish themselves as a competitive force in the Eastern Conference.

If things go their way and they capitalize on their potential, the Hawks have a real chance to make a run for a top-four seed. Teams like Cleveland and New York, who have similar caliber rosters, could provide tough competition, but the Hawks are confident in their abilities to overcome these challenges.

Watching the Hawks vs. Hornets Game

The game between the Hawks and Hornets will tip-off at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. For viewers interested in watching the game, it will be available on NBA League Pass and Bally Sports Southeast. Fans can tune into for the latest coverage and analysis of the game.

Betting Odds

According to the latest odds from the SI Sportsbook, the Hawks are slight favorites on the road in Charlotte, with a 3.5 point spread in their favor. For those who enjoy sports betting, this matchup presents an opportunity to place wagers and test their predictions.


The Atlanta Hawks’ season opener against the Charlotte Hornets is an important moment for both teams. The Hawks are eager to start their journey towards a breakthrough season and secure a top playoff seed. The Hornets will look to overcome their injury challenges and establish a strong start to the season.

As the game begins, fans will eagerly observe how the teams perform, analyzing each player’s contribution and strategizing for future matchups. The outcome of this game could provide valuable insights into the potential success and obstacles these teams may face in the coming season.

Regardless of the result, both the Hawks and the Hornets will continue to work towards their goals, using every opportunity to grow and improve. The NBA season is a journey filled with highs and lows, and it is the resilience and determination of these teams that make the sport so captivating for fans.

Whether you are a dedicated Hawks or Hornets fan, a basketball enthusiast, or simply a casual observer, be sure to tune in and experience the excitement of this Southeast divisional matchup.


Battle of the Buzz: Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Hornets - A Sneak Peek
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