The Unsung Hero: Lori Mancini - ESPN's Indispensable Managing Producersports,ESPN,managingproducer,LoriMancini,unsunghero
The Unsung Hero: Lori Mancini - ESPN's Indispensable Managing Producer

The Unsung Hero: Lori Mancini – ESPN’s Indispensable Managing Producer

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Lori Mancini: The Glue that Holds ESPN‘s Formula 1 Coverage Together

In the world of sports broadcasting, there are often individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. These unsung heroes play a crucial role in the success of a production, and one such individual is Lori Mancini, a managing producer at ESPN. Mancini is the primary liaison between ABC, ESPN platforms, Formula 1, and all Formula 1 teams. Her job revolves around establishing and maintaining relationships with everything related to Formula 1.

The Responsibilities of a Managing Producer

Mancini’s responsibilities are vast and varied. Leading up to each North American race that ESPN covers, she arranges all interviews, coordinates crews, and sets the shooting schedule for all ABC, ESPN, and digital shows. This includes social and marketing needs as well. When on-site at a Formula 1 event, Mancini’s role becomes even more demanding. She meets with F1 officials, tracks down drivers, and ensures that any live segments go smoothly. She even assists ESPN Operations with packing up after the race.

Mancini describes ESPN‘s Formula 1 coverage as a whirlwind, with everyone involved working together as a small group. This collaborative effort is essential to deliver high-quality broadcasts to viewers. Away from the track, Mancini works internally at ESPN to promote Formula 1 through various platforms such as SportsCenter, ESPN International, ESPN Deportes, digital platforms, and social media. She shares ideas, garners interest, and collaborates closely with ESPN‘s writers for the ESPN F1 website.

A Passion for Formula 1

Mancini, a native of Rhode Island, has been with ESPN for five years and previously worked on freelance projects for the company for over 15 years. She describes her assignment covering Formula 1 as a passion. To her, Formula 1 is the “Met Gala of motor racing.” Mancini is captivated by the spectacular races, the vibrant paddock, and the incredible people-watching opportunities that come with covering Formula 1 events.

She expresses her pride in being part of the Formula 1 production team, noting that they are some of the most talented and hard-working individuals she has had the pleasure of working with at ESPN.


Lori Mancini’s role as a managing producer is crucial in ESPN‘s Formula 1 coverage. Her ability to establish and maintain relationships, coordinate production, and ensure the smooth running of live broadcasts is essential for delivering top-notch Formula 1 coverage to viewers. Mancini’s passion for the sport and her dedication to her work shine through in her description of Formula 1 as the “Met Gala of motor racing.” ESPN viewers can rest assured that, with professionals like Mancini behind the scenes, they will continue to enjoy exceptional Formula 1 broadcasts.


The Unsung Hero: Lori Mancini - ESPN
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