The WWE's Controversial Decision: Cutting Ties with Matt Riddlewwe,mattriddle,controversy,decision,cuttingties
The WWE's Controversial Decision: Cutting Ties with Matt Riddle

The WWE’s Controversial Decision: Cutting Ties with Matt Riddle

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The Release of Matt Riddle and the Controversy Surrounding His Career

Career Highlights and Potential

Matt Riddle, the former WWE superstar known for his quirky and carefree persona, has been released by WWE, marking the end of his whirlwind career both inside and outside of the ring. Despite his comedy gimmick, Riddle showcased immense potential to become a top star in WWE, with his WWE Championship match against Roman Reigns drawing over 2.5 million viewers on SmackDown. This audience was larger than previous title matches involving reputable stars like Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens. Riddle’s persona also made for compelling storylines, most notably in his tag team partnership with Randy Orton as RK-Bro.

Controversies and Issues

However, Riddle’s career was not without controversy and issues. He found himself entangled in various scandals, both behind the scenes and outside of the ring. One incident involved an altercation with professional wrestler Goldberg backstage in August 2019. Riddle was also the subject of a sexual assault lawsuit filed by Candy Cartwright in June 2020, though the case was eventually dropped in 2021. Additionally, Riddle faced multiple Wellness Policy violations, resulting in a stint in rehab in December 2022.

JFK Airport Incident and Release

Most recently, Riddle was involved in a highly publicized incident at JFK Airport, where he claimed to have been sexually assaulted by a police officer. Reports suggested that Riddle was heavily intoxicated during the altercation, which ultimately led to his release by WWE. This release coincided with TKO Group Holdings’ cost-cutting measures, which have seen several high-profile wrestlers leaving the company.

The Future for Matt Riddle

Despite the controversies and baggage associated with his career, Riddle is likely to find opportunities in the independent wrestling circuit if he chooses to continue wrestling. His background in mixed martial arts may also make him an intriguing prospect for MMA promotions, although his history with UFC, which has merged with WWE as part of TKO Group Holdings, may hinder any future prospects with the organization. Another potential avenue for Riddle could be All Elite Wrestling (AEW), as the promotion has shown a propensity for signing former WWE talent.


The release of Matt Riddle highlights the complex nature of professional wrestling and the challenges faced by both the performers and the companies they work for. In an industry that thrives on drama, spectacle, and larger-than-life personalities, it is important to navigate the line between entertainment and real-life issues carefully.

Accountability and Responsibility

WWE‘s decision to release Riddle demonstrates their commitment to holding performers accountable for their actions and maintaining a certain standard of conduct. It also serves as a reminder that professional wrestlers, like any public figures, are not immune to the consequences of their behavior.

The Culture of Professional Wrestling

This incident raises questions about the culture within professional wrestling and the responsibilities of the companies themselves. WWE, as the largest and most influential wrestling promotion, has a duty to provide a safe and respectful working environment for its talent. This includes addressing allegations of misconduct swiftly and appropriately, as well as providing support and resources for performers who may be struggling with personal issues.

The Impact on Wrestling Careers

For performers like Matt Riddle, the release from a major promotion can be a turning point in their careers. While Riddle’s controversies may have impacted his tenure in WWE, it does not necessarily mean the end of his wrestling journey. The independent wrestling scene has proven to be a platform for talent to reinvent themselves and create unique opportunities. Additionally, alternative promotions like AEW have emerged as viable alternatives for talented wrestlers seeking new avenues for their careers.


As the wrestling industry continues to evolve, both performers and companies must prioritize ethical conduct, personal well-being, and the overall welfare of the industry. Transparency, accountability, and support systems should be implemented to create a healthier and more sustainable environment for everyone involved.

The Importance of Education and Training

Education and training programs should be implemented to educate wrestlers about personal conduct, proper behavior, and the potential consequences of their actions. Companies should also ensure that wrestlers have access to resources such as mental health support, rehabilitation programs, and legal guidance when needed.

Open Dialogue and Reporting Mechanisms

Promotions should encourage an open dialogue between performers, management, and other backstage personnel to address any concerns, grievances, or incidents promptly. Establishing confidential reporting mechanisms can help facilitate the reporting and investigation of misconduct and ensure that individuals feel safe and supported when coming forward with complaints.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the wrestling industry should be intensified, both in terms of talent representation and backstage personnel. Creating a more inclusive environment will not only benefit the industry as a whole but also contribute to a more positive and respectful culture.

In conclusion, the release of Matt Riddle by WWE brings attention to the complexities of professional wrestling and the need for ongoing efforts to ensure ethics and accountability are at the forefront. It is essential for both performers and companies to prioritize personal well-being, ethical conduct, and the overall health of the industry to create a sustainable and inclusive future for professional wrestling.


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