The Importance of Coaching in Justin Fields' Performance as Bears QBjustin-fields,bears-qb,coaching-importance,performance,football
The Importance of Coaching in Justin Fields' Performance as Bears QB

The Importance of Coaching in Justin Fields’ Performance as Bears QB

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Bears QB Justin Fields expresses frustration with coaching and a desire to play more freely

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields has been vocal about his struggles on the field, particularly in their Week 2 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fields revealed that he felt “robotic and not playing like myself” during the game, and he aims to change that in their upcoming matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Fields expressed his desire to play off of instincts and play more freely, without being burdened by excessive information and overthinking.

The importance of coaching and finding the right balance

Fields offered an intriguing theory for why he is feeling constrained on the field: coaching. While he emphasized that the coaches are doing their job by providing him with information, he believes that simplification and thinking less could benefit his performance. Fields acknowledged that he may be trying to process too much information, which slows him down and prevents him from playing freely.

This raises questions about the role of coaching in a player’s performance. On one hand, coaches provide valuable guidance and strategy, equipping players with the necessary tools to succeed. However, there is a delicate balance between imparting knowledge and overwhelming a player with excessive information. Too much input can hinder a player’s natural instincts and prevent them from playing fluidly.

A collaborative approach to improvement

It is important to note that Fields’ comments do not indicate conflict between himself and the coaching staff. Defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus has been understanding of Fields’ desire to play more freely and be himself on the field. Both player and coach share the same goal of allowing Fields to perform at his best. Eberflus acknowledged that they want Fields to play with confidence, making use of his abilities to make quick decisions in the pocket and adapt to different situations.

Another factor contributing to Fields’ struggles is the weak protection from the offensive line. He has been forced to make quick decisions and rely on his mobility more than anticipated. The lack of time to work through progressions has hindered the offense, resulting in a stagnant performance. Improving the offensive line’s protection will be crucial in allowing Fields to play with more confidence and freedom.

Avoiding the pressure to be perfect

Fields admitted that he has sometimes tried to be a perfectionist, which can add unnecessary pressure and inhibit his ability to perform at his best. He recognized that perfection is unattainable and emphasized the importance of letting go and playing without overthinking. This mindset shift will be crucial for Fields to regain his natural playing style and maximize his potential on the field.

Looking ahead to the challenge against the Kansas City Chiefs

Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs will be another tough test for Fields and the Bears’ offense. The Chiefs’ defense has proven to be solid in the first two games, conceding only 30 total points against stronger offenses than Chicago’s. Despite the challenge, it presents an opportunity for Fields and the team to take a positive step forward.

Fields and Eberflus will need to continue working together, finding ways to strike a balance between coaching guidance and allowing Fields to play freely. Learning from mistakes and preventing them from snowballing will also be essential. With time, experience, and improved protection, Fields has the potential to grow into his role and become a formidable quarterback.

In conclusion, Justin Fields’ frustration with coaching and desire to play more freely highlight the complex dynamics between player and coach. While coaching provides valuable guidance, finding the right balance and allowing players to tap into their natural instincts is crucial for optimal performance. Fields’ comments should serve as a catalyst for the coaching staff to evaluate their approach and find ways to support Fields in playing with more confidence and freedom. With a collaborative effort and a focus on improvement, Fields has the potential to overcome his struggles and lead the Bears to success on the field.


The Importance of Coaching in Justin Fields
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