"The Mandalorian: Ahsoka's Grand Debut in a Distant Galaxy"TheMandalorian,AhsokaTano,GrandDebut,DistantGalaxy
"The Mandalorian: Ahsoka's Grand Debut in a Distant Galaxy"

“The Mandalorian: Ahsoka’s Grand Debut in a Distant Galaxy”

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By Maggie Lovitt

Published 3 hours ago

In the latest episode of the hit TV show ‘Ahsoka,’ viewers were treated to a long-awaited return and a significant advancement in the search for a missing character. As the season approaches its conclusion, Episode 6 finally delivers answers regarding the highly anticipated return of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the ongoing search for Ezra Bridger. Directed by Jennifer Getzinger, the episode showcases stunning visuals and brings stability back to the series after last week’s visually uneven episode.

Questionable Script and Underdeveloped Characters

Although the episode provides much-needed answers, the script by Dave Filoni leaves something to be desired. However, Filoni does manage to recapture the essence of what made ‘Star Wars Rebels’ fun, possibly due to the reintroduction of Ezra Bridger and the resolution of the overarching MacGuffin search. The episode opens with a brief appearance by Ahsoka and Huyang as they continue their journey on Purrgil Airways. Their discussion about Thrawn and Sabine’s fated decision sets the events in motion but lacks depth. The character of Baylan Skoll, whose motivations remain unclear, suffers from underdevelopment. These script-related issues could have been addressed in a writer’s room session to tighten up loose threads in the series.

New Nightsister Lore and Revealing Thrawn’s Plan

As the episode progresses, the viewers learn more about the planet Peridea and its secrets. Peridea was once the Witch Kingdom of Dathomari, a place of folklore and mystery. When Sabine, Baylan, and Shin arrive on Peridea, they are met by a group of Nightsisters who have been waiting for them. The Great Mother expresses her displeasure at Sabine’s presence and orders her confinement until Thrawn arrives. Thrawn, portrayed by Lars Mikkelsen, makes his live-action reveal and presents a menacing force. He formulates a plan to have Sabine find Ezra Bridger, knowing that Sabine and Ezra will ultimately be eliminated once they reunite. The plan, although heartless, narratively aligns with the characters’ goals.

Sabine’s Journey and Reunion

Sabine, unaware of the trap set for her, embarks on a journey to find Ezra. Along the way, she encounters nomads who prey upon each other, but her lightsaber training with Huyang proves useful in defending herself. Sabine’s journey leads her to a group of creatures called Notis who recognize the Rebel symbol on her Mandalorian armor. Sabine realizes that the Notis may have encountered Ezra and convinces them to take her to him. The scene of Sabine’s reunion with Ezra carries emotional weight, hinting at a deeper connection between the two characters.

Thrawn’s Plans and Unanswered Questions

The episode ends with Thrawn and Morgan scheming on his Star Destroyer, learning about Ahsoka’s survival. While Thrawn is familiar with Ahsoka, he orders Morgan to find out everything there is to know about her. Thrawn also casts doubt on Baylan’s loyalty, raising questions about his true motives. The episode leaves viewers wondering about Thrawn’s grand plans and the ultimate impact of his actions on the galaxy. The series has yet to address the connection between Thrawn’s machinations and the events leading up to the Sequel Trilogy.


‘Ahsoka’ Episode 6 delivers important plot developments and satisfying character reunions. The visually stunning scenes and solid direction by Jennifer Getzinger bring stability back to the series. However, the script by Dave Filoni falls short, leaving characters underdeveloped and certain plot points unresolved. Nevertheless, the episode sets the stage for an intense final two episodes, making it a must-watch for fans eagerly awaiting the resolution of Thrawn’s plans and the fate of Ezra Bridger.


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