"Combative House Judiciary Committee Hearing: Key Takeaways"hearing,HouseJudiciaryCommittee,combative,keytakeaways
"Combative House Judiciary Committee Hearing: Key Takeaways"

“Combative House Judiciary Committee Hearing: Key Takeaways”

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House Republicans Clash with Attorney General Merrick Garland in Testy Hearing

During a heated hearing on Wednesday, House Republicans and Attorney General Merrick Garland clashed over the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. Republicans accused Garland and special counsel David Weiss, who is investigating the case, of doing the bidding of the Biden family by offering Hunter Biden a plea deal that fell apart. Garland forcefully denied these allegations, stating that he did not interfere in the investigation and that Weiss had been given all the resources he needed. However, he declined to engage in GOP attacks against special counsel Jack Smith’s investigations into former President Donald Trump.

Republicans’ Attacks Preview Impeachment Inquiry

House Republicans used the hearing as an opportunity to preview their planned impeachment inquiry focused on Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan accused the Justice Department of not prosecuting Hunter Biden over his tax years when he was on the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma. Republicans also questioned Garland about Hunter Biden’s art sales and allegations that he was “selling the appearance of access” to his father. Garland firmly rejected these allegations and stated that he did not interfere with the Hunter Biden investigation.

Garland’s Defense: ‘I Did Not Interfere’

Attorney General Garland repeatedly emphasized that he did not interfere with the Hunter Biden case and did not make any determinations or investigations. He rebuked congressional Republicans and clarified that he is not the president’s lawyer nor Congress’ prosecutor. When questioned about specific elements of the investigation, Garland referred back to special counsel Weiss, who is expected to testify before the panel next month. Garland also defended Weiss, stating that he had been appointed by Trump as the US attorney for Delaware and that he left Weiss in charge after he took office.

Garland Faces Questions on Appointment of Special Counsel

House Republicans repeatedly pressed Garland on the appointment of special counsel Weiss and questioned why it came more than four years into the investigation into Hunter Biden. Garland stated that Weiss had requested to be made special counsel and that he had promised to give him all the resources he needed. However, Republicans were unsatisfied with Garland’s response and questioned why Weiss needed special counsel authority if he already had all the necessary authorities. Garland stated that Weiss would be able to testify and answer these questions in the future.

Dems Push Back on Trump’s Claims

Democrats used their time to defend the Hunter Biden investigation and the special counsel’s investigations into Trump. Rep. Adam Schiff questioned Garland about Trump’s comments that the charges he is facing are “Biden political indictments” and that President Biden told Garland to indict him. Garland firmly stated that no one had told him who should be indicted and that the decision about indictment was made by special counsel Smith. Democrats also tried to draw attention to the implications of defunding the FBI, criticizing House Republicans who have called for cuts to the FBI’s funding.

Garland Objected to Question about Religious Discrimination

One of the most heated exchanges during the hearing occurred when Garland was questioned about whether the Justice Department was improperly targeting Catholics due to their religious beliefs. Garland, who comes from a family that fled antisemitic persecution, vehemently denied these allegations and called them outrageous and absurd. The accusation stemmed from an FBI memo that was later disavowed by FBI and DOJ leadership. Garland stated that Catholics are not extremists.

This contentious hearing serves as a precursor to the Republican impeachment inquiry focused on Hunter Biden. It highlights the deep divisions between Democrats and Republicans and the ongoing battles over the Biden administration’s actions and investigations into the Trump administration.

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"Combative House Judiciary Committee Hearing: Key Takeaways"
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