"The Morning Show" Season 3 Takes on the Aftermath of Roe v. WadeTheMorningShow,Season3,Roev.Wade,aftermath
"The Morning Show" Season 3 Takes on the Aftermath of Roe v. Wade

“The Morning Show” Season 3 Takes on the Aftermath of Roe v. Wade

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The Morning Show Season 3 Addresses Timely Themes and Challenges

Moving Beyond the Pandemic

The third season of the highly anticipated Apple TV+ series, “The Morning Show,” returns with a time jump of two years after the events of the season two finale. The show’s timeline concluded in March 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to take hold. The first two episodes of season three, titled “The Kármán Line” and “Ghost in the Machine,” pick up in March 2022, allowing the audience to see the aftermath of the pandemic and how it has shaped the world of the characters.

Both Jennifer Aniston’s character, Alex Levy, and Reese Witherspoon’s character, Bradley Jackson, have been promoted and now lead their own primetime news shows. Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies), Bradley’s girlfriend, is now anchoring a rival morning show. Meanwhile, network boss Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) is courting a tech billionaire, played by Jon Hamm, in an attempt to save UBA, the media company that employs the characters.

The season portrays a media landscape in crisis, with traditional legacy networks struggling to compete with tech titans. The addition of Hamm’s character, Paul Marks, represents the entry of a tech titan into the media industry. The show confronts the challenges posed by the fast-changing media landscape and explores the question of whether technology will save or doom traditional media networks.

The Real-Life Inspiration

As the show delves into timely themes, such as the impact of the pandemic, the changing media landscape, and the influence of tech titans, it is worth considering whether the show’s creators drew inspiration from real-life events and trends.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Ellenberg, the executive producer of “The Morning Show,” explained that the show aims to tackle the “noisiest, most-controversial things in our culture” while also giving the characters new challenges. The inclusion of a tech titan character and the portrayal of UBA’s struggle to survive in a rapidly evolving media landscape mirror the real-world concerns of media companies.

Ellenberg also noted that the show’s portrayal of these themes serves as therapy for the creators and viewers alike. The rapid pace of change in the industry can be both exciting and scary, and the show provides a window into what is happening behind the scenes.

Addressing Abortion and Truth as Themes

In addition to its exploration of the media landscape, “The Morning Show” also tackles timely issues such as abortion and the subjective nature of truth. The third season’s storyline includes an abortion-related plotline, which was influenced by the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned.

The show’s new showrunner, Charlotte Stoudt, along with the previous showrunner Kerry Ehrin, demonstrated a prescient quality in their ability to anticipate and explore social and political issues. The first two seasons of the show examined the #MeToo movement and the COVID-19 pandemic, respectively. Stoudt and her writers’ room tracked the progress of the Dobbs v. Jackson case, which threatened to overturn Roe v. Wade, and incorporated the official ruling into the season.

The inclusion of these themes reflects the show’s commitment to addressing controversial topics and providing a platform for its characters to grapple with them. The exploration of truth and the subjective nature of truth, particularly for characters like Alex and Bradley, who now wield significant power, adds another layer of complexity to the narrative.

Editorial: The Relevance of “The Morning Show” in a Changing Media Landscape

The themes and storylines of “The Morning Show” season three resonate deeply with the current state of the media industry. As traditional legacy networks face challenges from tech giants and streaming services, the survival and relevance of traditional media platforms are being called into question.

The addition of a tech titan character, Paul Marks, represents the ever-growing influence of technology and its impact on the media landscape. The character’s plans to send Alex on a rocket launch adds a sci-fi element to the narrative, emphasizing the idea that the future of media lies in uncharted territories.

The exploration of abortion and the subjective nature of truth also reflect the complex issues facing society today. These themes mirror the ongoing debates surrounding reproductive rights and the proliferation of misinformation in media.

“The Morning Show” serves as a thought-provoking reflection of the industry and society at large. It encourages audiences to consider the consequences of technological advancements and the importance of journalistic integrity in an era dominated by social media and digital platforms.

Advice: Navigating the Changing Media Landscape

As the media landscape continues to evolve, it is essential for media companies and individuals in the industry to adapt and embrace the opportunities presented by new technologies. Collaboration between traditional legacy networks and tech titans could be the key to survival. By leveraging the resources and expertise of tech giants, legacy networks can stay relevant and reach new audiences.

It is also crucial for media professionals to prioritize journalistic integrity and the pursuit of truth. In a world where misinformation spreads rapidly, accurate and unbiased reporting becomes even more crucial. Media organizations should invest in fact-checking and rigorous editorial processes to maintain their credibility and build trust with their audiences.

Moreover, addressing societal issues and providing a platform for diverse perspectives can help media organizations stay relevant and engage with their audiences. By tackling controversial topics with sensitivity and nuance, media companies can serve as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and contribute to the public discourse.

“The Morning Show” is a timely reminder that while the media landscape may be evolving rapidly, the fundamental principles of journalism, storytelling, and truth-seeking remain essential. As we navigate the challenges of the digital age, embracing change while staying true to these principles will be the key to success.

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"The Morning Show" Season 3 Takes on the Aftermath of Roe v. Wade
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