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DraftKings Faces Outrage Over Insensitive 9/11 Betting Parlay

DraftKings Faces Outrage Over Insensitive 9/11 Betting Parlay

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DraftKings Faces Backlash for ‘Never Forget’ 9/11 Parlay

Social media users expressed outrage on Monday after sports betting company DraftKings posted a 9/11-themed parlay on its app. The parlay, named “Never Forget,” included bets on the New York Mets, Yankees, and Jets winning on the 22nd anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. The company faced heavy criticism for attempting to profit off a national tragedy.

Insensitive Promotion Sparks Outrage

Social media users quickly shared screenshots of the parlay, expressing their disapproval and calling out DraftKings for its insensitivity. Despite the backlash, the parlay was available on the app Sunday night and remained up on Monday morning. Many users were shocked to see that DraftKings featured the parlay on its front page.

DraftKings‘ decision to promote a 9/11-themed parlay was met with widespread condemnation. Users described the behavior as “insane” and “shameful.” For some, the promotion hit particularly close to home. Bret Eagleson, who lost his father in the World Trade Center attacks, runs a families and first responders organization called 9/11 Justice. He denounced DraftKings‘ offer as “tone-deaf” and criticized the company for using a national tragedy to promote its business.

DraftKings Apologizes and Removes the Parlay

After facing intense backlash, DraftKings took down the parlay and publicly apologized. In a statement, the company expressed its sincere regret for featuring the parlay and acknowledged the significance of 9/11 for the country and the families directly affected by the tragedy. However, DraftKings did not disclose how many people placed bets as a result of the promotion, nor whether those bets would remain valid or be canceled.

Philosophical Discussion: The Ethics of Profiting from Tragedy

This incident brings up important questions about the ethics of profiting from national tragedies. It is crucial to consider how businesses should approach events of great historical significance, particularly when the wounds are still fresh. While it is natural for companies to want to be part of the conversation and show solidarity with the affected communities, it is essential to strike the right balance between commemoration and commercialization.

When businesses use tragic events as marketing opportunities, it risks devaluing the gravity of the event itself and alienating the very people they are trying to engage with. In the case of DraftKings, the decision to create a 9/11-themed parlay was perceived by many as disrespectful and exploitative.

Editorial: Prioritizing Sensitivity and Compassion

As we reflect on this incident, it is crucial for businesses to remember that profit should not come at the expense of disrespecting the memory of those affected by national tragedies. Companies must approach such events with sensitivity and compassion, recognizing the lasting impact they have on individuals and communities.

While sports betting is a legitimate business, it is important for companies like DraftKings to maintain a responsible and ethical approach to their promotions. In this case, the company’s decision to offer a 9/11-themed parlay was a misstep, and the subsequent backlash highlights the need for careful consideration when tying promotions to historical events.

Advice for Businesses

When considering promotions tied to significant events, businesses should follow these guidelines:

  1. Show restraint: Demonstrating sensitivity and respect for the gravity of the event is crucial. Avoid exploiting tragic events for commercial gain.
  2. Engage with affected communities: Instead of using tragic events purely for marketing purposes, consider partnering with relevant organizations to support the affected communities and promote healing.
  3. Consider the long-term impact: Reflect on how the promotion could be perceived years down the line. Will it stand the test of time, or will it be seen as thoughtless and insensitive?
  4. Listen to feedback: When backlash arises, genuinely listen to the concerns of the public and affected communities. Take responsibility for any mistakes and demonstrate a commitment to learning and growth.

Ultimately, businesses have a responsibility to act ethically and avoid exploiting tragedies. It is crucial to remember that profit should never come at the expense of compassion and respect for those impacted by historical events.


DraftKings Faces Outrage Over Insensitive 9/11 Betting Parlay
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