Mizzou Football Triumphs Over Middle Tennessee in Hard-Fought Victorysports,football,Mizzou,MiddleTennessee,victory
Mizzou Football Triumphs Over Middle Tennessee in Hard-Fought Victory

Mizzou Football Triumphs Over Middle Tennessee in Hard-Fought Victory

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Mizzou Survives Close Call Against Middle Tennessee

Offensive Struggles and Underwhelming Quarterback Performance

The University of Missouri football team narrowly escaped a potential upset against Middle Tennessee State on Saturday night. While the Tigers secured a 23-19 victory, their performance left much to be desired. The offense, in particular, failed to impress, with quarterback Brady Cook delivering an underwhelming performance.

Cook did show moments of promise, connecting with star wide receiver Luther Burden III on a 44-yard pass that positioned the Tigers in the red zone. He also found success in a 49-yard touchdown pass to tailback Nathaniel Peat. However, these highlights were overshadowed by underthrown and overthrown passes that could have resulted in big plays, but instead fell incomplete.

In the first half, Cook completed just 7 of his 10 passes for a total of 67 yards. While he improved as the game went on, finishing with 204 yards and two touchdowns, his inconsistency and a critical mistake resulting in a safety threatened to derail the Tigers’ chances of victory.

Defensive Resilience in Crucial Moments

Fortunately for Missouri, their defense rose to the occasion when it mattered most. The Tigers came up with two crucial stops, one on a fourth-down play and another in the early stages of the second half.

With just over three minutes remaining in the game and Middle Tennessee State looking to pull off an upset, safety Joseph Charleston applied pressure on the Middle Tennessee quarterback, forcing a mistake that resulted in a turnover on downs. This defensive stand effectively sealed the victory for Missouri.

Earlier in the second half, cornerback Kris Abrams-Draine made a game-saving open-field tackle that prevented a potential touchdown by Middle Tennessee running back Frank Peasant. The Tigers’ defense also recorded several key sacks and forced the Blue Raiders to settle for a field goal attempt, denying them a momentum swing.

Overall, Missouri’s defense displayed resilience and delivered a solid performance, holding Middle Tennessee to just 285 total yards throughout the game.

Concerns on the Offensive Line

While the defense played a vital role in securing the win, concerns on the offensive line cannot be ignored. Missouri’s most promising drive in the first half was marred by penalties, with right guard Cam’Ron Johnson and Connor Tollison both being called for holding. These penalties derailed the drive and forced the Tigers into a long field-goal attempt, reminiscent of struggles they faced last season.

Adding to the offensive line woes was the vulnerability of Cook, who faced pressure from the Middle Tennessee defense throughout the game. He was sacked three times in the first half alone, and the Blue Raiders tallied seven tackles for loss. Cook’s flattening in the fourth quarter, resulting in a safety, highlighted the pressing need for improvement on the offensive line.

With a matchup against Kansas State on the horizon, these concerns become even more pertinent. The Tigers must address their offensive line issues and protect their quarterback if they hope to secure future victories.

Editorial: Reflecting on Mizzou‘s Performance and the Challenges Ahead

A Wake-Up Call for Mizzou

The University of Missouri’s narrow victory over Middle Tennessee State should serve as a wake-up call for the football team. While every win is valuable, it is important to acknowledge the flaws in their performance and address them promptly.

Missouri’s offense struggled to find consistency, with quarterback Brady Cook delivering a lackluster showing. Missed opportunities and a critical mistake resulting in a safety underscore the need for improvement in the passing game. Additionally, the offensive line’s issues, including penalties and an inability to protect the quarterback, must be addressed to ensure sustained success moving forward.

The Importance of Resilient Defense

Despite the offensive struggles, Missouri’s defense emerged as the saving grace in this game. Their ability to make crucial stops in pivotal moments prevented Middle Tennessee from seizing the momentum and potentially snatching a victory. The resilience displayed by the defense is commendable and should be recognized as a positive aspect of the game.

The Road Ahead: Kansas State and Beyond

Looking ahead, the challenges do not get any easier for the Tigers. A matchup against Kansas State awaits them, and it will require a more well-rounded performance to come out on top. The offensive line needs to protect the quarterback and provide him with time to make accurate throws, while the defense must continue to shine and limit their opponent’s offensive production.

Coaches and players alike must use this game as a learning experience and a motivator. Addressing the issues highlighted in this game is crucial to ensure future success. With determination, focus, and adjustments, the University of Missouri football team can step up their game and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Advice: Areas to Address for the Tigers’ Success

Improving the Passing Game

The quarterbacks and receivers must work together to improve the passing game. Better timing, accuracy, and decision-making are necessary to convert missed opportunities into big plays. Regular practice and refining communication will be key in elevating the Tigers’ passing offense.

Strengthening the Offensive Line

The offensive line’s performance must improve to protect the quarterback and establish a strong running game. Discipline is crucial, and players must avoid costly penalties that undermine drives. Identifying weaknesses and implementing strategic adjustments will be vital to shore up the offensive line’s effectiveness.

Maintaining Defensive Resilience

The defense demonstrated its ability to rise to the occasion and make crucial stops against Middle Tennessee. This resilience needs to continue in future games. Coaches must emphasize the importance of discipline, focus, and execution to optimize the defense’s performance.

Learning from Close Calls

Close games expose weaknesses and highlight areas that require improvement. The coaching staff and players must learn from these experiences, taking them as opportunities to grow and develop. The ability to adapt, adjust, and implement necessary changes will be key for the Tigers’ success in the long run.


The University of Missouri’s victory over Middle Tennessee State should be celebrated, but it also serves as a reminder of the challenges the team faces. The quarterbacks, offense, and offensive line must address their shortcomings, while the defense should be recognized for their resilience. With the right adjustments, determination, and a growth mindset, the Tigers can navigate the challenges ahead and achieve their full potential on the field.


Mizzou Football Triumphs Over Middle Tennessee in Hard-Fought Victory
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