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The Popularity Paradox: Analyzing Trump's Reception in Iowa

The Popularity Paradox: Analyzing Trump’s Reception in Iowa

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Donald Trump Receives Cheers and Chants in Ames at Iowa vs. Iowa State Football Game

By Brianne Pfannenstiel


In an unexpected appearance at the annual Cy-Hawk football game, former President Donald Trump was greeted with cheers and chants from a crowd of students in Ames, Iowa. The game, which pits Iowa State University against the University of Iowa, has historically attracted presidential candidates seeking to win over voters ahead of the state’s caucuses. Trump, who leads the field of Republican presidential contenders in Iowa, flipped burgers and signed autographs for the enthusiastic crowd before heading to the stadium.

The Tradition and the Crowds

The Cy-Hawk football game is a long-standing tradition that holds great significance for both Iowa State University and the University of Iowa. This fierce rivalry between the two schools has often been a backdrop for presidential candidates to connect with voters in Iowa, an important state in the presidential nominating process.

Trump’s Reception and Popularity in Iowa

Trump’s warm reception at the game reflects his enduring popularity among his supporters in Iowa. Chants of “Trump! Trump! Trump!” echoed throughout the fraternity house where the former president arrived before the game. The crowd of students eagerly awaited Trump’s arrival, engaging in games and music as they cheered in anticipation. Trump interacted with the crowd, flipping burgers on a grill and tossing signed footballs into the cheering throngs.

It is worth noting that Trump’s visit to Iowa comes after his recent appearance at the Iowa State Fair, where he also received boisterous crowds of supporters. Despite his recent criminal indictment on state-level charges related to the 2020 presidential election in Georgia, Trump continues to lead the field of Republican contenders in Iowa by a double-digit margin.

A Departure from Trump’s Typical Campaign Style

Unlike his previous large-scale rallies, Trump has opted for smaller retail-style stops during his campaign in Iowa. These smaller events allow him to interact with voters on a more personal level, dropping in and out of pre-planned events. Trump’s approach seems to resonate with his supporters in Iowa, as evidenced by the enthusiastic response he received at the game.

The Political Significance

Trump’s appearance at the Cy-Hawk game carries political significance, as it showcases his efforts to maintain a strong connection with Iowa voters ahead of the state’s presidential caucuses. Although he came in second place during the 2016 Iowa caucuses, Trump carried the state in both the 2016 and 2020 general elections.

Surrounded by campaign volunteers waving Trump 2024 flags, the former president’s presence was felt throughout the parking lots surrounding the stadium. Volunteers actively engaged with potential caucusgoers, distributing campaign materials and collecting contact information. While not everyone was receptive to the campaign’s efforts, the overall response from volunteers was positive, with many reporting a high level of enthusiasm and interest in Trump.


Donald Trump’s appearance at the Cy-Hawk football game in Iowa generated a wave of excitement and support from his fervent followers. This event showcases the enduring popularity of Trump among his base in Iowa, as well as his commitment to maintaining a strong connection with voters ahead of the state’s caucuses.

While his opponents may dismiss his campaign style as unconventional, Trump’s ability to energize his supporters through small-scale retail-style events cannot be overlooked. As the presidential race heats up and candidates vie for voter support, Trump’s continued efforts to engage with Iowa voters may prove to be a winning strategy.


The Popularity Paradox: Analyzing Trump
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